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  • Ms unIDs (WI, MN, VA, PA, AL, IA, etc...)

    Here's some meteor scatter unIDs from the first half of 2021 that either have me stumped or simply warrant a second opinion. My thanks to anyone who gives them a listen:

    92.7 - Apr 22 0657 EDT: This one might be WWWH Haleyville AL. There’s talk, but that’s a second Ms burst in this two-fer. The station I’m trying to track comes at the start, before the talk, and gives a rather soft-sounding jingle sounding to me like “3WH”. Does this sound like that? Or like anything heard on WWWH?

    92.7 — May 15 0820 EDT: “Burlington, Wash Express, Billion Motors all mentioned. There’s a Billion Auto in Burlington IA, but not a Billion Motors.

    92.7 — May 19 0726 EDT: “…joining us today for the Sunshine (Sonshine?) broadcast…” But nothing seems to check.

    94.9 — Two clips include May 5 0757 EDT and again May 6 0748: The SAME Jingle, two days in a row! The May 5 clip is a nice long burst with the jingle at :30 seconds. Does this jingle sound familiar to anyone?

    95.3 - Jan 21 0033 EST: “This is Chris Carruthers. If it bugs you, call us, your local service tech at Bob (?)…” I considered pest control, but hoping the name or ad is familiar to someone.

    95.3 - Jan 22 time EST: “K-95” — Anyone able to recognize this as either WKHK VA or KDJS MN or something else?

    96.3 — May 31 2145 EDT: Sounds like “TCDMadison dot com” followed by “Wisconsin women’s basketball.” My guess is WMAD Madison WI, but I’m wondering if I am safe to rule out W… Peshtigo WI?

    99.7 — May 5 0658 EDT: This might be Sunny 99,7 in IA. Or something else. This sounds to me like “Sassy 99.7” at :09 seconds. I can’t get myself to hear Sunny even though I’ve listened multiple times over the last few months. Curious what others hear.

    101.3 - Apr 0149 EDT: Sounds like “Mechanicsburg & Lancaster online.” I’m suspecting WROZ Lancaster PA. There’s also a Liberty ad which would be a national ad.

    104.7 - Apr 23 0834 EDT: There’s an obit for someone whose name sounds phonetically like Jerry Fews, who passed at 80 years of age. My guess is his surname is spelled Fuchs. The church is clearly St Pius X (the 10th) Catholic Church, but that’s common enough. I think determining the name of the deceased person might solve this one.

    Any leads, second opinions, and thoughts are appreciated, with thanks.

    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON
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    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    99.7 - song fades in with Ambrosia's "You're The Only Woman" <liner "Sassy 99.7"> and begins Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time". Definitely a classic hits station and the female voice says 'Sassy'.
    Jim Thomas
    Springfield, MO EM37

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      92.7 "3WH" - Negative. It's just part of a song. What you can hear from the lyrics is actually "bible in her hand she's waiting anticipating". The song is "Rockin’ Into the Night" by 38 Special (Shazam's identification, luckily I am not familiar with this kind of dirty songs!). Anyway it seems to be of classic rock style.


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        I highly doubt that Peshtigo would air these ads for 96.3. Madison is quite the distance from there and I've never heard them air anything other than Green Bay and UP-related content. The broadcasting group tends to air more local content/ads than 96.3 Madison does, certainly less national ads.

        That was all I was able to contribute from these clips.

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          Funny, Jim, nothing I find online turns up Sassy with 99.7. A mystery! Thanks for keeping me on the Sassy track...
          Finndx, I can hear the lyrics clearly. Thank you for pointing my tired ears in the right direction.
          Chris, someone else (Jeremy Andrews) also suggested the Madison station. So appreciate your listening as well. WMAD is new. Thanks!
          Bill Nollman suggests CKPE Sydney NS "Wave" a possible for my 94.9 jingles. But they're on Christmas format now with no jingles noted, so will check afterwards. Thanks! Rory Francisco ruled out the VA station as my K95 on 95.3, so looks like I check up on MN next... thanks!

          So ... my unID collection is narrowing down... thank you to all who have been giving these clips a spin...
          Saul Chernos
          Burnt River ON