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Finally - July 2021 Es unids

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  • Finally - July 2021 Es unids

    I haven't listened to this audio in nearly 6 months. Fall quarter of college and everyday life have gotten in the way. Not to mention Christmas. But as with any historic Es opening (or historic period of Es, over the course of several days), UNIDs are plentiful. Here are the first two I've uncovered so far.

    93.5 - There is no ID in this except for '93-5'. Seems to be the one with a country format. Is this the announcer used at KZTL Paxton NE (or KWYX Casper WY)?

    105.9 - Very weak, partial Spanish ID mixed with other stations. I *think* this was 105.9. KSSA or something else? Heard in the period between the KS/NE/CO/WY and the big path flip to northern California.

    That was just part 1 of the evening opening on July 14th. Audio from the historic flip-flop sequence to Northern California is coming tomorrow or Tuesday.
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