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    Looking for comments of some recent unIDs. The 95.1 in particular intrigues me.

    92.9 June 2 Es 1146 EDT — Urban RnB format, ID sounds like 93-BLE. I was hearing NC SC GA FL LA and AL, but this ID does not sound like WBLX or WTUG.

    95.1 June 12 Es 2137 EDT — iHeart Radio promo, The New 95-1. This would ostensibly fit Ventura CA but my DX was largely to TX OK LA MS and southern AR, albeit with some KS and WY. (Much earlier in the opening I did have a handful of lower-band MN/NE).

    95.5 June 12 Es 2001 EDT — Searcy area weather alert pretty immediately in this clip (the weather forecast that follows is probably closer-in tropo, so best ignored). Presuming this is AR, I am suspecting a KWYN translator in Wynne AR but also KOYH Elaine AR if that station is even on the air.

    95.5 June 12 Es ad Sons Kia (McDonough GA) could be WSBB Doraville GA, but the Top Gun Liquor store ad is Warner Robins. So I am suspecting W238CG (WBML AM) in Warner Robins. Would a liquor store advertise well out of town?

    100.7 June 11 Ms 0113 EDT — Ad for what sounds like Northwoods IDA. Nothing checks.

    With thanks,

    Saul Chernos / Burnt River ON
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    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    Northwoods IGA, perhaps? That pings to a grocery store in Niagara, Wisconsin. That'd be WOBE Crystal Falls MI.
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      Pretty interesting. How far off did you catch the signals from, do you reckon?


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        As for the weather station, I did look up KOYH AR on FM Scan, and by the looks of it they're still up (unless I'm misinterpreting).


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          Interesting site, Alexis. I have no idea how to tell from the site if it's truly operating on-air; but the site on its own is interesting. Thanks. The Es would be anywhere from 500-1500 miles, but if I truly had CA then that would be 2Es... Ms typically 400-900 but can be longer/shorter...

          Raymie, thanks for suggesting IGA. That makes sense, and WOBE is in the most common Ms direction here... I was hooked on it being IDA, a drug store chain)
          Saul Chernos
          Burnt River ON


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            I can confirm that Northwoods IGA heavily advertises on the Iron Mountain stations (93.1, 100.7, 101.5, etc.). During the strong tropo in the past week, I heard and recorded the Northwoods IGA ads more than once. Quite certain on Radio Now for that one, so I would also agree with Raymie.

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