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Venezuela on 3 ??

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  • Venezuela on 3 ??

    Here is a screen shot of what is thought to be TVes on Channel 3. You will note TVes logo about 2/3 up the left of the screen with a "V" from VTV above..In the upper right is a white box that says "VTV".

    Jeff Roston
    Springfield MA
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    Hi Jeff
    I had presumed Tves Ch 2 yesterday around 18.10utc with the Sunday
    "fireside chat" program of El Presidente Chavez!!
    Too ghosty here in Portugal to make anything out on the picture,
    there's no mistaking his voice though!!



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      If ch 3, yes it's TVes. I saw this too on Sunday on 2 & 3. They were doing a joint transmission with VTV (ch 5 in Caracas).

      Likely it was to do w/ the Honduras coup.



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        TVes on Channel 3

        Yes this picture was taken from Channel 3,The same program was on Ch 2 and 5 also.So TVes was logged on 2 and 3 and the VTV network was logged on 5.This was around 630pm and on CH 4 a soccer match was airing could this fit "Vennivision" ?


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          I saw Venevision on Sunday early evening, but do not recall a soccer match....I think it was a telenovela.

          Was in the Keys the last 3 days to DX, and tonight I will grab some screenshots.

          BTW if anyone saw Hugo Chavez, it may have been Cuba as well as VEN. The Honduras coup was the rage yesterday.

          BTW, that's double-hop for you! Never saw 2Es on TV, and it was pretty good! You got the best of both worlds....DXing AND candlepin bowling there....***sigh***



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