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KOAB-DT 11, "My first DT"

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  • KOAB-DT 11, "My first DT"

    Hardly "DX", but a new logging.

    When I asked OPB Engineering about the start date for KOAB-DT 11 Bend, they said they were already on the air with an STA. Tuned to channel 11, pointed at Bend, and there they are.

    Program 1 is currently "OPB HDTV".
    Program 2 is currently "OPB Create".

    See for information on OPB Create.

    The WinTV-D is displaying them in the menu as Program 1 and Program 2 with no descriptive text.

    The STA is for 2.26KW from their current antenna which also hosts FM and the Analog TV (Channel 3). They will be installing the new antenna in late June or early July.

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    I should mention too that the logos and bug locations might actually help during Es season. KTVR-DT La Grande is on the air on channel 5. I believe (and Doug will probably correct me on this) that they will flip to their analog channel (13) when they pull the plug on analog.



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