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    Only real "DX" log of the morning, as I was once again dealing with Wall Of Locals+Shreveport+El Dorado. KTEN with three 16x9 streams. I had noted that 10-2 was stretchovision but it was not.

    10-1 KTEN NBC with NBC Today 16x9 HD(?) Viewed via Zenith converter box so could not verify if resolution was 1080i, etc.

    10-2 KTEN CW with "In Touch" ministries with Dr Charles Stanley. 16x9 Asp.

    10-3 KTEN ABC with ABC Good Morning America.

    As usual, signal started dropping out near TOH so could not grab any decent "money shots" of ID slides, etc. Since it was Sunday morning and in a small market, the local wx cut ins did not occur and national wx and in the case of GMA, the outsourced ESPN sports report filled from :55 to top of hour on 10-3.

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    I'm glad you posted this one. It prompted me to check the log to see if I had it and there it was...Log entry #443 on April 1, 2010 KTEN 26/10 Ada, OK....I had the network listed as CBS so I made the correction in the log. Thanks for helping me find one more (of many) typos in the log. As I've told Danny...If I live to be 100 I'll probably never cure all of the typos. :-(

    When I was a kid my Mom decided to ruin my Summer vacation by enrolling me in a typing class. No kid, in his right mind, wants to go back to school during the Summer. I promised, if was the last thing I'd ever do, I'd forget how to type. I kept that promise! :-)

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