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Tropo Logs April 14, 2011

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  • Tropo Logs April 14, 2011

    Not a large catch but a new log among the medium haul DX. KLAX 31 (31-1) Alexandria LA was logged here in DTV for the first time this morning. Other stations from Northern, Central Louisiana made the trip.

    One note about KLAX, it is perhaps the worst looking major network affiliate I have ever seen. Stretchovision even on network programming on the primary channel (KLAX has no additional subchannels).


    Top Row, KLAX in its stretchovision infamamy.

    Bottom Row KARD 36 (14-1) West Monroe LA, KALB 35 (5-1 NBC HDTV*), KALB 35 (5-2 CBS HDTV*), WNTZ 49 (48-1) Natchez MS
    *two 1080i HDTV subchannels are broadcast via KALB but my converter box/capture card is only SDTV.

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    Nice pictures, Fritze.
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