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  • Back Again!

    Hi.. I was on the forum previously as mrhoover.
    Now back dxing again after a short break, still living in Portugal.

    TA Carribean signals are still around.. This was recorded on May 24th,Tele Antillas mixing with Venezuela.Multihop sporadic E.. The warbling carrier can be heard at one point

    Another short video with an Antillas ident.

    Video as usual is very ghosty.

    The "siren" sounding video carrier on Ch A3 from Venezuela is still around.


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      Glad to see you back, Hugh. It's been a few years. Glad to see you're still getting analog. I see K1TOL working Europe sometimes. I wonder if he has seen any TA analog the past few years. I no longer have my D100. If I could find one used and for sale cheap, I would probably buy one for 2 hop Caribbean TV. One problem here is that for the last 4 years or so the prop just hasn't been there in the summer.
      Mike B.
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        Hi Mike,
        Good to hear from you.
        All the Russian high power analogue stations have closed now and all Europeans have closed.
        Lefty K1TOL probably has a clear run on 50MHz these days.
        There are some low power Syrian stations on E2, also one from Afghanistan.
        There's a West African China TV News relay in English on E4 that's been around for a while, country unknown.
        Moroccan highband analogues have just closed(they went fully digital on uhf 5 years ago but left the first network staggering along on highband, there's one left, I'll post a video of it.
        More Venezuela today.
        A lot of D100's must be unused now.


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          This is the last remaining Moroccan analogue station with the weather forecast on Monday morning.
          They use non standard Pal system B channels (used Secam years ago) this is from Tazekka, approx 300 miles from me near the northern Algerian border on Ch M8,
          195.25MHz video, 200.75MHz audio.
          Some maintenance is needed, the picture is shifted to the left and the picture aspect ratio is wrong. I think it will be shut very soon though.
          Received via a multistandard Sony TV receiver-monitor, fed to a video processing card with some noise reduction.



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            Tele Antillas was around between 12.00 and 20.00 gmt yesterday(May 27th),here's a clip recorded at 18.00 with reference to upcoming elections.
            MUF did get to Ch A4 but didn't last long




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              Hugh, your reception was, and still is amazing.



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                Hugh, I'm glad you are back on WTFDA Forums. You have received highly interesting DX over the years.
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