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326-Mile Short Hop Es

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  • 326-Mile Short Hop Es

    This is very close to the TV short hop Es record. It's WMDE 5/36 Dover Delaware received in Akron Ohio at 326 miles. This is a new log for me, and from what I hear, the record short hop was 317 miles on DT 3. The only reason I captured this is because I was using 6 meter FT8 as a tool to see which areas I was receiving. When I checked, I had short hop to Delaware. So I thought why not aim the TV antenna there and see what happens. Shortly after that, I had WMDE!! So monitoring 6 meter FT8 was very useful for checking propagation.

    Another new log captured on 5/30/20 was WSBE 2/36 Providence Rhode Island at 536 miles. I managed to get a few screenshots of the "Rhode Island PBS" logo.

    WMDE Signal.jpgWSBE Signal.jpgWMDE Photo.jpgWSBE Photo.jpg

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    WMDE and WSBE are great catches, Andrew.
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