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**At least** 1700 mile Es, analog ch 4, 1546 UTC June 27, 2021

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  • **At least** 1700 mile Es, analog ch 4, 1546 UTC June 27, 2021

    On the morning of June 27, 2021, at 1546 UTC, this came on my screen. It’s all self explanatory in the link:

    ✝️ c d

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    1780 miles CJCB-to-my-house, per Free Map Tools



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      I would pin your ID (or lack thereof anyway) on Sydney. Here is a map from my own records showing the catches during and before the big Es opening in the center of the country (which gave me Texas up to the Dakotas, in that order, in the early afternoon here in Michigan). Note the FM Es catches from Newfoundland down to Miami which originate exactly from Larry Horlick's location, a week after he heard three stations from Spain. I'm not aware of how to locate an option on the site to find what those catches were though, as I'm not as familiar with the functions of FM List. This at least shows that there was Es in that direction, and it's probably what you had.


      Es Propagation 062721 1500PM (Last 6 Hours).jpg
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        Thanks Chris.

        We need to get in touch with Larry. No idea how, unless I register at a ham site, and I am not licensed.

        cd—EDIT: found mailing address, maybe!


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          Christopher, both CJBC and CKYB would be outstanding logs for you.

          CKYB is fairly common here (I'm a lot closer to MB than you); but I've never logged NS.
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            Thanks Danny. With my OCD I started thinking, meh this was just channel 2. If not for the WLogger post right then, I woulda doubted myself.

            I mailed a letter to Larry, and hope to be in contact.



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              That was on the 27th of June. You can get the data from FM List by logging in, click on LOGBOOK bring up VISUAL LOGBOOK select the date. If you want specific detail about any receiver, click on the antenna icon for that receiver, select "SHOW ALL LOGS BY THIS RECEIVER" a new map will pop up and show all logs that day and at the very bottom with have a list of the stations and the times

              Es 1337 93.50 USA WZFL, Islamorada (FL) Station ID: Revolution 935 Miami, 3475 by Larry Horlick, Coley's Point (CAN) 50 h
              Es 1340 89.70 USA WMLV, Miami (FL) Station ID: K-Love, 3417 by Larry Horlick, Coley's Point (CAN) 100 m
              Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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                OK....I am a member of FMList, and IIRC I tried to notify Gunter of my current email contact; I still have to enter info from my old email, which I haven’t seen in three years.

                Also the site has issues over iPhone (my only Internet at this time). I cannot see every page of a selected country’s FM stations, whether portrait or landscape. I would have to visit a library.

                That being said, thanks Randy for the info.



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