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Doug Smith's Bellevue, Tennessee autoscanner DX

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  • Doug Smith's Bellevue, Tennessee autoscanner DX

    DX scanned by AScan on a Raspberry Pi. Tuner is HDHomerun, antenna small RCA all-channel log-periodic in the attic. Location roughly ten miles southwest of downtown Nashville. Antenna is pointed at the locals as we use the other tuner to actually watch TV(grin).
    Date Time RF Ch St City Calls DX (mi.)
    5/10/22 0341 14 AL Bessemer WDBB 180
    5/10/22 0041 29 AL Birmingham WBRC 177
    5/5/22 1919 13 KY Bowling Green WBKO 75
    5/5/22 1949 29 KY Bowling Green WKGB-TV 73
    5/5/22 1915 18 KY Bowling Green WKYU-TV 75
    5/12/22 0937 22 IN Evansville WTVW 137
    5/15/22 0349 26 IN Evansville WFIE 130
    My apologies for the listings showing up in random order, will try to do better next month
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    Doug Smith W9WI
    Pleasant View, TN EM66
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