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  • Japanese FM DX from Korea (MP3)

    Here's a compilation recording of my Japanese FM cross-water catches during a bandscan project in Busan, South Korea, as recorded on my Samsung MP3 player the first weekend of August. At my usual site south of Seoul, Japan is rather impossible due to a range of 4,000-foot mountains blocking Busan (and Japan) off from the rest of Korea. Not only that, but Japan is notorious for very low-powered stations, making it even more difficult. But in Busan, Japan is just across the water, so finally... I had some time to enjoy myself!

    Listen to the Busan - Kyushu FM Bandscan compilation (10:51)

    76.1 Fukuoka / JOFW-FM / Love FM / 1kw (1.85kw ERP) / 141 mi.
    77.4 Kumamoto / JOSU-FM / FMK / 1kw (2.5kw ERP) / 183 mi.
    77.9 Saga / JONV-FM / FM Saga / 0.5kw (2.3kw ERP) / 138 mi.
    78.7 Fukuoka / JORV-FM / Cross FM / 3kw (8.9kw ERP) / 128 mi.
    81.3 Itoshima / JODU-FM / FM Fukuoka / 10w (8w ERP) / 124 mi.
    81.3 Nagasaki / JOZZ0AW-FM / Nagasaki City FM / 20w / 170 mi.
    81.6 Saga / JOSP-FM / NHK Saga / 0.5kw (2.1kw ERP) / 138 mi.
    *82.6 Izuhara / JOAG-FM / NHK Nagasaki / 100w (810w ERP) / 61 mi.
    83.3 Gonoura / JOAG-FM / NHK Nagasaki / 100w / 101 mi.
    84.8 Fukuoka / JOLK-FM / NHK Fukuoka / 3kw (9.7kw ERP) / 128 mi.
    *107.7 Busan / HLQL-FM / EBS-FM / 3kw / perfect / 5 mi.

    Stations received but not included in this recording:

    80.7 Fukuoka / JODU-FM / FM Fukuoka / 3kw (9.4kw ERP) / 132 mi.
    85.8 Omuta / JOLK-FM / NHK Fukuoka / 30w (110w ERP) / 162 mi.
    86.0 Sasebo / JOAG-FM / NHK Nagasaki / 250w (1.7kw ERP) / 139 mi.

    82.6 NHK Nagasaki, which can be heard on seek, is a local station (61 miles across open water) broadcasting from Tsushima, a large island in the middle of the Korea Strait, separating Korea and Japan. All the stations heard in this area are typically from the Nagasaki, Fukuoka, and Saga areas of Kyushu. A little bonus recording of the off-air tone of local Korean EBS network station in Busan is included, broadcasting eerie noises overnight.

    The two 81.3 stations are included simultaneously in the same clip. 81.3 is a low-power frequency and the only two stations nearby are 10-watt FM Fukuoka //80.7 and 20-watt Nagasaki CityFM, neither of which are all that surprising. The low power, as most DXers already know, is entirely irrelevant on open frequencies. Japan is a paradise for DXers for the fact that they use a different FM band. Hearing a 10-watt Japanese station in Korea at a distance of 200 miles isn't out of the ordinary at all, and the other way around for those living in Japan.

    And as a bonus for those who have managed to read this far into this post:

    My much more interesting 2011 Kanto Region - Tokyo Bandscan compilation, originally posted in the forums but lost in the great WTFDA Forum wipeout:
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