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May 2021 FM Sporadic-E Synopsis from Kingsport, Tennessee

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  • May 2021 FM Sporadic-E Synopsis from Kingsport, Tennessee

    The month of May has historically ushered in each Sporadic-E season and May 2021 was no exception. It was exceptional from the standpoint of individual days with at least one confirmed FM log by Sporadic-E: EIGHT (8). I have never had this many days with FM Es. It was a bit underwhelming from the standpoint of duration of events and number of logs. Half the days logged saw between just one and four stations received due to the ionized clouds being too close or too far away to be optimally effective. The following are days of observed FM Sporadic-E activity:

    May 2: South and Central Texas. This was a decent, run-of-the mill opening with a good number of stations logged.

    May 15: PEI; Grand Manan, NB; Rimouski, QC; LaCrosse, WI. Spotty signals, nothing lasted long.

    May 21: South Texas (Laredo, Corpus, Houston). Spotty signals, nothing lasted long.

    May 24: Premier 91.7 from Monterrey, NL; UNID SS on 88.1

    May 25: Winkler, MB (88.9); 95.7 KDAL Duluth, MN; 92.7 WQTK Ogdensburg, NY; 95.7 UNID CBC R1 in FF. Spotty signals. Nothing lasted long.

    May 28: Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri. Multiple signals. Good opening.

    May 30: 94.5 CJAB Chicoutimi, QC. Thanks to RDS. Only one in. Didn't last long.

    May 31: 97.1 Minot and 98.3 Carrington, ND; 93.3 Denver; 94.5 KLIQ Hastings, NE; 88.1 KENE Eagle Tail, NM; 88.9 Guymon, OK; 93.1 WNTQ Syracuse, NY (561 mi); 89.1 XHCAO Reynosa, TAM. Fair to good opening at times.

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    Good May, nice catches in multi directions.
    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON


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