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E-skip from the past few weeks - 5/17 to 6/6/2021 Ellensburg, WA (+ 1500 mi Es catch)

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  • E-skip from the past few weeks - 5/17 to 6/6/2021 Ellensburg, WA (+ 1500 mi Es catch)

    I haven't posted on this forum this season, baffling as a WTFDA member. But I have been posting them to Radio Discussions as time allows. Been an interesting start to the season so far. Very little from the east, or the Rockies. All logs from Ellensburg WA unless specified.

    5/17 to El Paso
    Five minutes of KSII-93.1 El Paso during the late afternoon, with ID "93.1 Kiss FM." Also noted tentative KOFX and KINT, and a country station on 94.7 that was not KZAL Manson, likely KTXO Goldsmith (near Odessa). Logs were made from East Kittitas WA on the old Milwaukee Railroad 'Palouse to Cascades' bike/hiking trail.

    5/21 to TX/NM and a whiff of SD. Gary in Boise (on the skip log) had an even better opening, sustained top-of-band and huge signals from his location. It wasn't that bad either, but at times I felt like I was on the edge. Why should I complain when I had a 1,500 mile Es log and several other new ones?
    5:46PM - Snippets first noted on 92.7 - Religious sermon.
    6:14PM - 95.5 KAIQ Wolfforth, TX; with Erazno y la Chokolata show, strong signal at times. Relog, 100KW at 1349 miles.
    6:17PM - 95.1 KABW Baird, TX; with weak ID '95.1 the Wolf,' and playlist match a little later on. This is my FARTHEST single-hop Es catch ever! NEW #742, 40KW at a whopping 1,500 miles!!! KABW's transmitter is on the SE side of Abilene. On a car radio no less...on the Kittitas valley floor. Very impressed.
    6:19PM - 94.1 KZOR Hobbs, NM; with local references, mention '1RadioSquare' (their website). DJ was Ty Friend (and I recognize his enthusiastic voice from previous openings). Relog, 100KW at 1336 miles.
    6:24PM - 93.7 KLBB-FM Lubbock, TX; with Tom Petty 'Runnin' Down a Dream' matching playlist. Relog, 100KW at 1349 miles.
    6:26PM - 93.7 KWYR Winner, SD; with RDS 'SD and Northern NE's Rock N Roll FM.' This was WAY off from the rest of the 100s of miles. But whatever, it's Es, and it's unpredictable. Relog, 100KW at 1035 miles.
    6:29PM - 90.5 KBAH Plainview, TX; with AFR IDs at the bottom of the hour. Relog, 75KW at 1326 miles.
    6:33PM - 98.1 KKCL Lorenzo, TX; song match to stream, Craig Allen's Night Shift show. Relog, 36KW at 1349 miles.
    6:40PM - 88.7 KRBG Umbarger, TX; with end of 'In Christ Radio' show. Searching it on my laptop in real-time brought up only one 88.7 affiliate - Radio By Grace KRBG. Relog, 9.5KW at 1263 miles.
    6:45PM - 104.3 KHLK Brownfield, TX; with Through the Bible with J. Vernon McGee. Matched to KHCB schedule. Hard to believe he's been gone for over 30 years and his shows are still airing on the radio. Relog, 50KW at 1343 miles.
    6:46PM - 105.9 KSEL Portales, NM; with ID '105.9 K-SEL Country'. Relog, 100KW at 1259 miles.
    6:48PM - 105.5 KXCS Coahoma, TX; partial ID 'KXC...' mixed with a strong rock station (likely Taos NM). NEW #743, 5.1KW at 1430 miles. This is near Big Spring and is co-owned with KBYG Radio.
    6:54PM - 92.7 KVCE Slaton, TX; finally nabbed an ID on this one with reference to VCY America and their mailing address. Mixed w/ country (likely elusive KBQL Las Vegas. IDed as Real Country and then several seconds of dead air. Ugh.) NEW #744, 33KW at 1348 miles.
    6:59PM - 90.9 KRRT Arroyo Seco, NM; with KUNM ID at TOH. This is their only 90.9 satellite or translator. NEW #745, 5.1KW at 1061 miles.
    7:01PM - 90.9 KKLU Lubbock, TX; with local ID 'West Texas' Positive, Encouraging K-LOVE...90.9 KKLU Lubbock, and reaching around the world at'. NEW #746, 21KW at 1348 miles.

    5/23 to TX/NM again, but no Lubbock this time. Once again, Gary in Boise had a massive opening on his end but I was more 'on the edge.' 2 new.
    5:26PM - 98.1 KBAC Las Vegas, NM; with ID 'Radio Free Santa Fe.' Relog, 100KW at 1122 miles.
    5:37PM - 92.7 KBQL Las Vegas, NM; with ad for the New Mexico Livestock Bureau and Real Country jingle. I have heard this before, but never confirmed it. Finally, I can confirm this one! NEW #747, 23KW at 1118 miles.
    5:39PM - High MUF reached at 101.5, classic rock, likely unneeded Big 101.5 KRMQ Clovis NM.
    5:42PM - 99.9 KTQM Clovis, NM; with Bruno Mars song and ID jingle 'KTQM.' NEW #748, 100KW at 1253 miles.
    5:44PM - 97.9 KGNC-FM Amarillo, TX; very weak with commercial for a sports bar in Amarillo (House Divided Restaurant). Relog, 100KW at 1258 miles.
    5:45PM - 95.9 KSSR Santa Rosa, NM; with 'Feels Good' by Tony! Toni! Tone! // stream. Relog, 50KW at 1170 miles.
    5:46PM - 95.1 KABW Baird, TX; it returned again! Unbelievable! With The Wolf ID and back into country music. As noted earlier, relog, 40KW at a whopping 1,500 miles...and thankfully I have it on tape! Long skip was noted by Kyle (DX_Sphere) in Moses Lake that night as well, as he confirmed 103.1 KKCN Ballinger (San Angelo) at about 1476 miles, plus his first 2Es (Air 1 KZAR 97.7 McQueeney TX)! Both of us had very long Es.
    5:49PM - Format matches to 93.3 KOBQ and 94.1 KZRR Albuquerque. Did not stick around for IDs or ads. 1092 mi on both.
    5:51PM - Format match to 97.3 KKSS Santa Fe, rap music. 1059 miles.
    5:59PM - 90.9 KAVO Pampa, TX; with local TOH ID. It's an AFR station. Relog, 17KW at 1283 miles.
    6:00PM - 92.3 KIJN Farwell, TX; with partial TOH ID and religious programming. Relog, 51KW at 1260 miles.

    5/31 to MN, one new, only five minutes' worth of Es.
    5:44PM PT - 90.1 KSJR Collegeville, MN; over KOLU Pasco with classical music and 'MPR' RDS. Then heard a promo for Classical MPR and announcer introducing the next piece. NEW #749, 100KW at 1240 miles.
    In addition, there was religious talk on 91.7 (sounded Catholic...too strong to be KBLD), 91.3 with NPR talk, and an unid 93.9 with country music (maybe KIAI Mason City, a relog). Five minutes later it was all gone, never to be heard again.

    6/2 to CA/AZ. Two new. This opening was like playing 'hide and go seek' with the Es clouds. If I spent too many minutes at the dials, it would die. And then it would come back, just as spotty and then go away as quickly as it came. I worked hard for these two new ones, IMO.
    2:33PM - 94.1 KMYI San Diego, CA; very strong with RDS 'STAR' and Star 94.1 IDs. Relog, 77KW at 994 miles.
    92.5 Tijuana, 96.5 / 98.1 San Diego appearing as well, but no IDs, just format matches, also 92.3 KRRL Los Angeles very briefly, format match
    then UNID classical on 88.7 over KDMB (probably KNAU Flagstaff)
    2:58PM - 97.3 KWFN San Diego, CA; with Padres postgame show. Relog, 50KW at 1004 miles.

    all gone, then 92.5 XHRM popped in again at 3:13 (1513 PT) w/ 'Too Close' by Next, // stream, and just like that, gone again

    7:08PM - First notes of the evening opening - 95.1 had country and CHR mixed, some type of remix show (like the Open House Party show), can't find a match anywhere (even KHOP doesn't match)
    7:17PM - 93.7 KCLB Coachella, CA; with song by Creed 'My Own Prison', and ID 'KCLB Rocks.' NEW #750! 26.5KW at 940 miles.
    7:25PM - 92.7 KKUU Indio, CA; with commercial for a store located in Rancho Mirage and another location on Hwy 111. Relog, 4.2KW at 935 miles.
    7:26PM - 93.1 KLJZ Yuma, AZ; ID 'Z-93', mentioned Monster Media Yuma. Relog, 100KW at 1038 miles.
    7:30PM - 95.1 KTTI Yuma, AZ; local ads and KTTI mentions. Relog, 100KW at 1041 miles.
    Ended with a little jazz logged from KSDS 88.3 San Diego (not fully confirmed, but not needed). The MUF actually went up to 104.3 for about two minutes (maybe KHCV?) but other than that, it stayed around 95-97.

    10:03PM - 95.1 KBBY Ventura, CA; skip decided to come back briefly, with song match to 'Diamonds' by Rihanna. Relog, 12.5KW at 894 miles. Strong while it lasted.
    10:10PM - 90.5 KGDP-FM Santa Maria, CA; Christian Contemporary music and ID 'Family Life Radio.' NEW #751, 17.5KW at 847 miles.

    6/6 - Today, another Es opening to the Southwest (AZ/NM/possibly SON). At least one new, hoping to get an ID on that 104.3 when I send the audio to the UNID forum.
    11:02AM - First sign, 88.7 NPR mixed with current top 40 (probably KNAU and KPNG, both relogs). Also a 90.5 with classical, likely KUAT Tucson (needed).
    11:14AM - 92.3 KRST Albuquerque, NM; Jake Owen song // playlist. Relog, 22KW at 1092 miles.
    11:16AM - 101.7 KQAZ Springerville, AZ; ID 'Majic 101.7.' Relog (not heard in quite a few years), 55KW at 1049 miles.
    11:18AM - Highest MUF reached, 104.3 with Spanish programming and what sounded like a commercial or PSA with .mx. I will be posting a recording soon to WTFDA and see if Raymie or someone else can ID this. I am thinking it's Nogales SON. There was also swapping on 103.9, which I never IDed. I was intending to go to 104.3, looking for Mega in Phoenix which I still need.
    11:21AM - 96.9 KMXP Phoenix, AZ; ID 'Mix 96.9' and scrolling RDS "MIX 96.9" and advertising a law firm. KZTA still on very low power, so weak Es can be pulled out here. Relog, 98KW at 1043 miles.
    11:22AM - 96.3 KSWG Wickenburg, AZ; ID '96.3 Real Country.' Relog, 5.8KW at 990 miles.
    11:24AM - 95.1 KABQ-FM Corrales, NM; just flipped callsigns from KOLZ. 'Hot 95.1' ID and into 'I Wanna Sex You Up' by Color Me Badd. Noted sporadically over the next 15 minutes. Relog, 100KW at 1089 miles. Mixed with an unid playing Johnny Cash (maybe The Wow Factor, KOAI?), and a stumping UNID with a religious program. Was I really way out into Oklahoma at that point (KQCV)? I noted nothing from east of ABQ.
    11:28AM - 99.9 KXTC Thoreau, NM; ID 'XTC' and into music, weak signal. NEW #752, 100KW at 997 miles.
    11:36AM - 93.1 KLJZ Yuma, AZ; just heard earlier this week and now heard again with promo for Monster Media's news coverage. Relog, 100KW at 1038 miles. KTTI 95.1 not noted this time around.
    11:40AM - 90.9 UNID, last thing heard, lively Spanish music with Latin guitar, sounded like it was from the '70s. Tentative KSJE Farmington NM. Then band died.

    Audio from the first couple of openings has been posted to Mediafire, but I still need to get to 5/31, 6/2, and 6/6.

    Good DX everyone!
    FM/AM/SW DXer of Yakima, WA! God Bless America!

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    5/17 Audio
    KSII 93.1 -

    5/21 - Misplaced recorder! Nothing got taped!

    5/23 Audio
    KABW. Here's what 1500 mile FM DX sounds like on a car radio, on the Kittitas Valley floor. -!!!.wma/file
    KBAC with terrible wind noise. It's normality living here. -
    KIJN -
    KAVO -
    KTQM -
    KGNC (might want to use headphones for this. Very weak.) -
    KBQL -
    FM/AM/SW DXer of Yakima, WA! God Bless America!


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      6/2 Audio
      KTTI -

      KGDP -

      KCLB -

      KWFN -

      KMYI -

      KLJZ -

      KKUU -

      And no need for Raymie, 104.3 from June 6th has been confirmed as XHAZE Nogales. I heard the fast-talking SS man in that commercial mention the city of Nogales. Slam dunk. NEW #753! 50KW at 1197 miles.

      6/6 Audio

      XHAZE -

      KLJZ -

      KOLZ -

      KMXP -

      KXTC -

      KSWG -

      KQAZ - +WA.wma/file

      In addition, I made another new log on 6/8, in a brief opening that only resulted in KTAR, KPNG-88.7, KMXP, and this new one:
      6:52PM 6/8 - 96.7 XHNGS Nogales, SON; Regional Mexican music and ID 'La Mejor.' NEW #754, 60KW at 1197 miles.

      Clip here
      FM/AM/SW DXer of Yakima, WA! God Bless America!


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