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June 6, 2021 Sporadic-E opening from Kingsport, Tennessee

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  • June 6, 2021 Sporadic-E opening from Kingsport, Tennessee

    One could argue I had two openings on June 6th and not just one based on the fact I had two distinct geographical areas at two different times. I saw the WLogger and TVFM Skip Log lighting up red on this day but I only posted one or two entries for all to see...not that I wish to keep my DX secret.... it's just that I find it a tad difficult to DX and post at virtually the same time during moderate to big Es events. I do try, however. Some openings are easier to work than others. Now on to the DX. All catches were between 650 and 1290 miles:

    Around 1:00pm to 1:30pm EDT I logged 88.1 KPAQ Plaquemine, LA and 88.7 KUHF Houston, TX. Both registered on the RDS.

    Around 7:30pm, after watching activity on DX Maps, G7IZU, WLogger, and TVFM Skip log, I finally got in on the action. Here's what I have confirmed so far:
    97.1 KYCK Grand Forks, ND
    97.1 KYYX Minot, ND
    95.7 KQSF Sioux Falls, SD
    98.7 KISD Pipestone, MN
    93.5 KKOT Columbus, NE
    91.3 KMHA Four Bears, ND
    92.7 KBRB Ainsworth, NE
    94.5 KDLB Detroit Lakes,ND
    102.1 KSDN Aberdeen, SD
    97.5 KEXL Pierce, NE
    94.7 KNEN Norfolk, NE
    91.7 KPNE Ogallala, NE
    94.1 KNEB Scottsbluff, NE
    93.5 KIPI Eagle Butte, SD
    93.3 KSJZ Jamestown, ND
    89.1 KLBF Bismarck, ND
    91.9 KQSD Lowry, SD I lost my link to the skip cloud around 9:00pm. This was a pretty good opening with a few new ones. See attached image for map. June_6.jpg
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