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The hits just keep on comin' 22 MORE NEW STATIONS Es KS/NE/CO/OK etc 7/19/2021

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  • The hits just keep on comin' 22 MORE NEW STATIONS Es KS/NE/CO/OK etc 7/19/2021

    At this rate, I will be spending all of August looking at tapes for UNIDs. Another spectacular Es opening, with nearly 3 hours worth of DX to the top of the band, KS/OK/NE/CO/TX/WY. At least 22 new and maybe more as I check the tape later.

    3:41PM (PT) - First Es log, 92.7 with a Kia dealer commercial. Whenever I get to the tape, I'll find out who this was.
    3:42PM - 93.7 KYEZ Salina, KS; with ID 'Y 93-7.' NEW #882, 100KW at 1279 miles. Mixed with a religious station (likely KPIO Pleasanton KS).
    3:43PM - 101.5 KMKF Manhattan, KS; K-Rock IDs. Relog, 37KW at 1318 miles.
    3:45PM - 98.7 KNSS-FM Clearwater, KS; with Mark Levin show, later heard with 1330 & 98.7 KNSS ID. Relog, 50KW at 1341 miles.
    3:48PM - 96.3 KLLL-FM Lubbock, TX; local ad for bar & grill on Slide Road in Lubbock. Relog, 100KW at 1349 miles.
    3:49PM - 93.1 KHMY Pratt, KS; with ID 'My 93-1'. Relog, 100KW at 1287 miles.
    3:50PM - 96.5 KRBZ Kansas City, MO; with concert calendar mentioning several Kansas City venues and ID 'The Buzz.' First new Kansas City station in many years! NEW #883, 98.5KW at 1417 miles.
    3:51PM - 97.9 KWGB Colby, KS; ID 'Hot Country 97-9' mixed with others. Relog, 100KW at 1089 miles.
    3:53PM - 99.9 KSKG Salina, KS; with local ads for the Salina area. NEW #884, 100KW at 1288 miles.
    3:54PM - 107.9 KWLS Winfield, KS; with local ads mentioning Haysville and a bunch of other Sedgwick County towns. NEW #885, 50KW at 1377 miles.
    3:56PM - 105.5 KVSV-FM Beloit, KS; this unique MOR/Standards station returned again for about 25 minutes in and out. IDs and standards music, including 'You Don't Bring Me Flowers' by Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand, and 'Speak Low' by Diane Schuur. This is such a fun station to listen to for its variety and throwback to the AM MOR radio days of the '70s. Relog, 50KW at 1237 miles.
    3:59PM - 89.3 KCUR Kansas City, MO; promo for a concert being held at a performing arts center 'in K.C.' NEW #886, 100KW at 1416 miles.
    4:00PM - 90.5 KZNA Hill City, KS; High Plains Public Radio ID at TOH. NEW #887, 100KW at 1167 miles. Mixed with an AFR, likely KBAH Plainview TX (not needed).
    4:00PM - 90.9 KHCT Great Bend, KS; quickly turned it over to hear a full TOH ID for Radio Kansas! NEW #888, 50KW at 1232 miles.
    4:04PM - 93.9 KSWN McCook, NE; strong with Nebraska School Athletic Association PSA, weather forecast, and ID The Zone 93-9. Relog, 50KW at 1089 miles.
    4:09PM - 97.9 KRBB Wichita, KS; with partial ID 'B...' and stream match to Lady Gaga song. Mixed with KWGB Colby. NEW #889, 100KW at 1329 miles.
    4:11PM - 102.5 KBLS North Fort Riley, KS; with ID 'Sunny 102.5' out of Rick Springfield's 'Jessie's Girl.' NEW #890, 100KW at 1318 miles.
    4:12PM - 103.7 KEYN Wichita, KS; with ID 'Greatest Hits 103.7 KEYN'. Relog, 98KW at 1327 miles.
    4:16PM - 104.5 KMYZ Pryor, OK; Long skip!! ID 'The Edge' mixed with others. NEW #891, 70KW at 1484 miles!
    4:18PM - 107.7 KRXO Oklahoma City, OK; ad for the Big Boy Gun Range near Oklahoma City, over KWVN/Pendleton OR. NEW #892, 92KW at 1418 miles.
    4:21PM - 98.1 WWLS-FM The Village OK; with ID 'The Sports Animal.' NEW #893, 28.87KW at 1418 miles.
    4:30PM - 107.9 KZRS Great Bend, KS; with local ads for the Great Bend area. Relog, 99KW at 1235 miles.
    4:35PM - 95.5 KVOB Lindsborg, KS; with Weatherology weather and ID 'The Rock.' Relog, 15.5kw at 1285 miles.
    4:36PM - 94.7 KBRU Oklahoma City, OK; '94.7 the Brew Rocks' ID. NEW #894, 94.9KW at 1423 miles.
    4:40PM - 93.5 KKOT Columbus, NE; RDS ID 'The Hawk.' Relog, 100KW at 1186 miles.
    4:42PM - 103.9 KQHK McCook, NE; another Hawk, this time with a reminder to tune into 'this High Plains Radio station' for storm updates when they happen. Relog, 50KW at 1095 miles.
    4:45PM - 95.5 KAHE Dodge City, KS; ID 'Superhits.' Relog, 100KW at 1212 miles.
    4:48PM - 96.5 KRGI-FM Grand Island, NE; with the closing market report and local ads for a boxing match to be held at a local fair/events center near Grand Island. Relog, 100KW at 1175 miles.
    4:52PM - 98.5 KQKQ Council Bluffs, IA; ID 'Sweet 98' mixed with KEYG/Grand Coulee. NEW #895, 100KW at 1270 miles.
    4:56PM - 93.3 UNID, 'Wyoming's most-talked-about radio station.' And who could this be, because if it's the most talked about, I don't have a clue who it is. ;-) Mixed with at least two others and KRKL.
    4:58PM - 101.7 KREJ Medicine Lodge, KS; RDS 'KSNS', which is their 91.5. Confused me! That's the second station I've heard via Es which has the WRONG callsign in the RDS! Relog, 50KW at 1301 miles.
    5:00PM - 99.5 KDJL Valentine, NE; with 'Love a Little Stronger' by Diamond Rio and ID for KSDZ and KDJL, The Twister. I finally have the full simulcast logged. I thought this was KHAZ Hays at first, oh well. Will have to try for it another time. NEW #896, 25KW at 1013 miles.
    5:00PM - 91.7 KOSU Oklahoma City, OK; ID for 'The Spy', KOSU, KOSN and one other relayer. NEW #897, 100KW at 1413 miles.
    5:02PM - 92.9 KTGL Beatrice, NE; an *Eagle* ate the Bull in Toppenish for early dinner! Full TOH ID wiping out KDBL, KTGL Beatrice-Lincoln, is 92.9 The Eagle. NEW #898, 100KW at 1261 miles.
    5:04PM - 92.5 KOMA Oklahoma City, OK; full TOH ID including a jingle for Oklahoma's Greatest Hits. Relog, 94KW at 1425 miles.
    5:12PM - 99.9 KGOR Omaha, NE; John Tesh Intelligence for Your Life, and partial ID for '99.9 KG...' NEW #899, 115KW (grandfathered) at 1270 miles.
    5:14PM - 100.9 KGBL Lakin, KS; sometime later when the Bull ran out of Toppenish thanks to an aggressive Eagle, it evacuated to Lakin, Kansas where it eventually knocked its way through a *Cherry* orchard! RDS, ID 'The Bull' over KARY! Relog (from the big 7/7/20 opening at Lost Lake / Manastash Lake), 100KW at 1172 miles.
    5:15PM - 100.7 KGBI Omaha, NE; heard with '100.7 KGBI' ID. NEW #900! 100KW at 1270 miles.
    5:17PM - 104.5 KCVN Cozad, NE; no ID, but heard religious sermon. Based on skip path, it's the best match. Relog, 100KW at 1117 miles.
    5:18PM - 105.5 KJAC Timnath, CO; with DJ talking about the last few songs played and mention of a concert at The Gardens on Spring Creek in Fort Collins. Relog, 50KW at 874 miles.
    5:19PM - 102.5 KTRR Loveland, CO; Retro 102.5 ID and mention of northern Colorado. Relog, 17KW at 895 miles.
    5:31PM - UNID 94.1, with promo for '??? and Amy in the Morning'? May be the same station with Christian Contemporary that I heard. Very likely KXOJ near Tulsa. Will look at the tape and see if my barefoot ears interpreted it differently.
    5:34PM - 94.3 KXOO Elk City, OK; KATS translator went OFF THE AIR! Wow! Bob Seger song // stream. Relog (heard 7/7/20 on Lost Lake), 12KW at 1348 miles.
    5:35PM - 94.3 K232DH Ulysses, KS (KHYM); with mention of KHYM mixed with KXOO and one other station (playing 'Along Comes Mary' by The Association...wonder if this was the KLVZ-810 translator in Denver). This is one lucky and amazing log I may never hear again. NEW #901, only 205 watts at 1173 miles!!
    5:40PM - 94.7 KRKS-FM Denver, CO; with RDS ID 'THE WORD.' Relog, 100KW at 896 miles.
    5:49PM - 105.9 KSSA Ingalls, KS; partial ID 'Buena' and back into Regional Mexican music. NEW #902, 100KW at 1200 miles.
    5:50PM - 104.5 KZZW Mooreland, OK; RDS 'KZZW' and *dead air*! Thank God for radios equipped with RDS. Relog, 60.3KW at 1310 miles.
    5:50PM - 105.1 KXKL Denver, CO; local ads with 303 area code. Relog, 98.5KW at 918 miles.
    5:54PM - 88.7 KLNE-FM Lexington, NE; RDS 'Nebraska Public Media.' Relog, 60KW at 1143 miles.
    5:55PM - 92.7 KUSO Albion, NE; with ID 'US-92.' Relog, 50KW at 1177 miles.
    5:58PM - 94.3 KILO Colorado Springs, CO; local Colorado Springs car dealer commercial; later heard with ID 94.3 'Kilo'. NEW #903, 59.2KW at 974 miles.
    6:00PM - 89.7 KEPC Colorado Springs, CO; mention of calls at top of hour. Relog, 10KW at 976 miles.
    6:02PM - 89.3 KLBV Steamboat Springs, CO; TOH ID 'Colorado's Positive, Encouraging K-LOVE, 89.3 KLBV Steamboat Springs, and reaching around the world at' NEW #904, 2.6KW at 822 miles.
    6:04PM - 94.1 KMXJ Amarillo, TX; with RDS ID 'Mix 94.1.' Relog, 100KW at 1257 miles.
    6:05PM - 99.5 KBIJ-FM Guymon, OK; easily the strongest Es signal of the day. A solid 3 bars on the Pioneer Supertuner, with ID 'El Patron' and Regional Mexican music. Relog, 100KW at 1210 miles.
    6:05PM - 95.5 KPHT Rocky Ford, CO; yes ftballfan I logged this one, super-strong as always with classic hits and KPHT RDS. Relog (about 10 times now), 100KW at 1037 miles.
    6:06PM - 101.3 KFEZ Walsenburg, CO; also very reliable in Es down this way. Mono signal (as always), local ads with 719 area code. Relog, 95.5KW at 1033 miles.
    6:09PM - 106.7 UNID Real Country station, in and out with Classic Hits. KQTY Borger TX? By local break time, it was gone.
    6:14PM - 95.1 KATC Colorado Springs, CO; with promo and mention of Kat Country. Relog, 58KW at 974 miles.
    6:17PM - 93.9 KYSL Frisco, CO; with ID 'Krystal 93,' Relog, only 560 watts at 887 miles.
    6:20PM - 93.1 KQIZ Amarillo, TX; with ID '93.1 the Beat.' Relog, 100KW at 1270 miles.
    6:22PM - 88.7 KCME Manitou Springs, CO; with opera piece and RDS 'KCME.' Glad they have RDS if that opera was 15 or 20 minutes long! NEW #905, 8.9KW at 974 miles.
    6:25PM - 99.9 KVUU Pueblo, CO; ID 'My 99-9.' Relog, 57KW at 974 miles.
    6:26PM - 96.5 KQSW Rock Springs, WY; local ads referencing Sweetwater County. Short Es! Relog, 98KW at 682 miles.
    6:30PM - 93.5 KTND Aspen, CO; ID 'Thunder 93-5.' Relog, 21KW at 864 miles.
    Band faded after that. But what a day! Now I have 6+ hours of Es to go over from the past 5 days. An incredible period of FM DX, one to reminisce for years or decades to come. Pics and audio to come - someday.
    FM/AM/SW DXer of Yakima, WA! God Bless America!
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