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8/8/21: FMDX Will... the prequel

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  • 8/8/21: FMDX Will... the prequel

    This is more of a test run. I bought a iCraig sound tower from Goodwill today for $3... just wanted to see what I could do with it. It has a wire antenna that I attached a metal coat hanger to. I managed to pick up Tallahassee and Albany which is 90-105 miles from the house. These don't come in regularly so I think I accomplished a little something. Still waiting for my Yagi antenna and all the adapters... hopefully by next weekend I'll have a good setup going. I'm going to post the video I did for now... I'll go back and edit in The text logs soon. Please watch the video and give me all the criticism you got. Lemme know how I did. Be gentle though... I literally just threw it together. Subscribe to my channel too... you know... for the future good stuff.

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    Will, you'll find tropo is more or less constant there and during Es or Ms season it will be a pest. Once you get a yagi up it will be hard to avoid hearing the same stations 100-250 miles and you'll be wanting to fine tune the yagi not to hear DX better but to null the pests.. From Ft Walton Beach 102.9 was another beacon frequency. If pointing west, KAJN Crowley Louisiana religious station was the the usual limit. It was 343 miles from my QTH and could almost always be heard every morning or evening fading in / out if not enhanced fully to stronger levels which was fairly common at least a couple times a month. To the north / NW 102.9 would be either Miss 103 country station in Jackson, Mississippi or one of the Alabama. Rock 102.9 Columbus, GA was a pest no matter the antenna direction. To the east could almost always hear Jacksonville, FL at around 300 miles. WJGO Tice, FL Bob FM would be the southeastern beacon. Seems Panama City should have this frequency usable unless there's a translator there now.
    Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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      I used to pick up 102.9 out of Columbus fairly regularly with my regular radio back in the day... so definitely know about that.

      My next video is gonna be a local/semi-local bandscan when I get the yagi up. This weekend was just a fun scan seeing how far I could reach on a $3 radio. I did the video to mostly get a bearing for the new video editing software I acquired. Its more of a test video... thats why I asked for advice and criticism.

      Thanks for the directional beacons btw.


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