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New look for Cuban newscasts

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  • New look for Cuban newscasts

    After seven years, Cuba TV news has a new look and apparently they are streaming on YouTube now!

    This shows the new graphics but they must be having serious streaming problems:

    The color of the graphics varies with the newscast (blue for the Noticiero Estelar, orange at midday) with an "N". They're using a black version of these with "R" (for Revista) for the special they're airing right now on Fidel Castro's death.

    I expect quite a bit of disruption over the next 9 days on Cuban radio and TV as there will be lots of special programming, news shows and retrospectives.
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    ** CUBA. 15370, March 12 at 2159, RHC in Spanish interview past hourtop 2200+, crossfade to song and pausing for ``5 minutos de noticias`` news but going to resume afterwards. First story gets my attn, which I finally find on the website:

    11/03/2017 Tomada de Cubadebate

    La Habana, 11 MAR (RHC) Caribe es el nombre del canal informativo que a manera de prueba aparecerá por la señal HD-1 a partir del próximo martes 14, día de la prensa cubana.

    El nuevo canal de televisión, en alta definición, transmitirá su programación desde las 8:30 de la mañana a 12 de la noche, hora de Cuba [1230-0400 UT]. La programación será en vivo, excepto algunos espacios que saldrán grabados.

    Se prevé que los conductores sean jóvenes, con un buen bagaje informativo que les permita una improvisación coherente y efectiva, que funcione como detonador para que el receptor del mensaje desee saber más y esté pendiente de la reiteración.

    Caribe es el sueño amasado por Ovidio Cabrera y otros ejecutivos de la televisión cubana, que trabajaron e incluso estuvieron en la fundación de TeleSur, quienes han elaborado un proyecto bastante abarcador para ese canal informativo, teniendo sólo una parte de la logística tecnológica que se necesita y contando con un grupo de profesionales capacitados. (Agencias de Información) Editado por Arlettys Guevara``

    That is rather confusing; WTFK? On some DTV channel or network as an extra program, but they refer to it as HD-1 as if they were talking about FM radio subchannels!
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


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      ** CUBA. Mar 14, 8:37 PM EDT
      Cuba tries to reboot its creaky state news apparatus
      By MICHAEL WEISSENSTEIN Associated Press
      AP Photo AP Photo/Desmond Boylan

      HAVANA (AP) -- The Cuban government is trying to reboot its Soviet-era
      style news programming with a high-definition current affairs channel
      staffed by young journalists.

      The Caribe channel is starting slowly, with 3 1/2 hours of offerings a
      night on a new channel available to a few hundred thousand viewers who
      have bought high-definition decoder boxes.

      Producers say they hope to eventually expand to nearly round-the-clock
      programming. That`s a niche currently occupied only by Telesur, a
      regional news channel financed by leftist Latin American governments.

      Caribe channel producers say their programming premiering Tuesday night will be less dogmatic and more openly critical than traditional Cuban state television, whose reporting rarely goes beyond repeating
      communiqués from government ministries. Cuban state media are facing
      increasing competition from more widely available online sources as
      internet access expands.

      "Now we`re going to be able to reflect the needs of the people in the
      news," said Karina del Valle, a 24-year-old presenter on a Caribe
      current-affairs show.

      Like many of the country`s state outlets, Caribe journalists will
      include many recent graduates eager to modernize official media that
      have become irrelevant to most young Cubans. But content remains almost entirely under the control of Communist Party ideological monitors and a crippling government cash shortage means the channel has few resources.

      "Our great challenge is really making this a reality," said Ovidio
      Cabrera García, director-general of Cuban television. "We don`t want to create great expectations." (via Mike Cooper, WORLD OF RADIO 1869, DXLD)


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        Yeah, noticed that this week. It's on their TDT mux but I have no idea how their channels are set up.

        They also now stream their major newscasts on YouTube, officially (and the quality of the live streams is decent now). The presentation and set have improved (though the same creaky news music remains), and it looks like they produce in HD.
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        The Reference Section features the HD Radio map, list of Article 90 reserved band clears, and more.


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