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Analog blackout delayed in Honduras

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  • Analog blackout delayed in Honduras

    Honduras debía comenzar el 2020 concretando el apagón analógico total en favor de la TV Digital Terrestre (TDT), pero el 3 de enero, Conatel otorgó una prórroga hasta el 27 de abril para que los brodcasters continúen emitiendo señales analógicas.

    Cuando todo estaba dispuesto para que el 1ro de enero las señales analógicas se apagaran, la Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones otorgó una prórroga general hasta abril, debido a que varios broadcasters a último momento habían solicitado una prórroga por no haber podido a la fecha con la transición digital.
    Edith Copland, Comisionada a cargo de TDT en el ente regulador, explicó a El Heraldo de su país que Honduras ya entró ‘en cuenta regresiva para completar la migración a la TDT, y los concesionarios de televisión que no hayan realizado la actualización tecnológica serán sancionados desde el 28 de abril, cuando acabe el aplazamiento’.

    Según había informado previamente la Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Conatel), de las 431 señales de televisión abierta existentes en Honduras, unas 301 (el 70%), ya completó el proceso de digitalización de sus transmisiones, de acuerdo al estándar ISDB-Tb adoptado por el país en 2013.
    Por el lado de la población, Conatel estima que existen en el país siete millones de hogares con acceso a la TV abierta, de los cuales sólo podrán sintonizar la nueva TV digital los que hayan efectuado el cambio de los televisores analógicos o al menos los hayan adaptado. (Prensario) (via Conexion Digital 2 Feb)

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    Ultra-amateur translation/summary. Glen & Raymie, please correct!

    On Jan. 3rd the Honduran government communications agency Conatel delayed the country's analog shutdown until April 27th. Of 431 TV transmitters in Honduras, 301 (70%) have been converted to digital. Honduras adopted the ISDB-Tb digital standard in 2013.

    (ISDB-Tb is a Brazilian amendment to the Japanese DTV standard. It's been adopted by most South American countries and many in Central America. - ds)

    As for the consumer side, Conatel estimates there are seven million TV homes in Honduras. (the article doesn't say how many of them have digital receivers.....)
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      A translation of Glen's post for those of us who don't read Spanish. Should have been posted in English in the first place.

      Honduras was due to begin 2020 by finalizing the total analogue blackout in favour of Digital Terrestrial TV (TDT), but on 3 January Conatel granted an extension until 27 April for brodcasters to continue broadcasting analogue signals.

      When all was ready for analogue signals to be switched off on 1 January, the National Telecommunications Commission granted a general extension until April, because several broadcasters had at the latest requested an extension because they had not to date with the digital transition.
      Edith Copland, Commissioner in charge of DTT at the regulatory body, explained to El Heraldo of her country that Honduras has already entered 'regressively into account to complete the migration to the DTT, and television dealers who have not made the technology update will be sanctioned since April 28, when the postponement is over.'

      As previously reported by the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel), of the 431 open television signals in Honduras, some 301 (70%) have already completed the process of digitizing their transmissions, in accordance with the ISDB-Tb standard adopted by the country in 2013.
      On the population side, Conatel estimates that there are seven million households in the country with access to open TV, of which only those who have made the change of analogue TVs or at least adapted them can tune into the new digital TV. (Press) (via Digital Connection 2 Feb)
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        On April 19th, in a public press release, CONATEL made the decision to suspend the April 27th deadline until further notice. COVID-19 has really complicated many things in Honduras, which also includes the process for the conversion to digital television, for those broadcasters that haven't done so yet. The government of Honduras currently has the entire country under a State of National Emergency.

        Broadcasters that have already converted to digital are complete. The press release specified a government email address for remaining broadcasters to use to notify CONATEL of their status of converting to digital. A further comment was, many of the retailers that sell the ISDB-Tb set top boxes would have to be closed due to the pandemic, making the purchase of them difficult.
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