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Lovettsville, Virginia FM bandscan

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  • Lovettsville, Virginia FM bandscan

    I spent a few days near Lovettsville, Virginia, roughly 40 miles northwest of Washington. This bandscan used a Tecsun PL-880 barefoot. The location was nicely elevated, but shielded from the east by a mountain. DC and Baltimore stations were FAR weaker than expected, but signals from the west, southwest, and northwest were pretty impressive. WWCF was 80km away -- and only seven watts! (though 433m HAAT)

    The South Asian station on 101.7 is a real mystery. Would also love to know who the ESPN station was on 93.7.
    87.75 WDCN-LP (TV) VA Fairfax "87.7", in Spanish.
    88.1 WYPF MD Frederick NPR
    88.3 unID talk, possibly religious
    88.5 WAMU DC Washington NPR
    88.7 WWCF PA McConnellsburg ""
    89.1 WGMS MD Hagerstown classical
    89.3 WPFW DC Washington soul, black gospel, etc.
    89.5 unID NPR
    89.7 unID NPR
    89.9 WPIR VA Culpeper ""
    90.1 unID religious traditional music
    90.5 WCRH MD Williamsport ""
    90.9 WETA DC Washington classical
    91.1 WTRM VA Winchester religious
    91.3 WARN VA Culpeper religious, simulcasting WTRM. There was another 91.3 in there also simulcasting WTRM.
    91.5 WBJC MD Baltimore classical
    91.7 WZXH MD Hagerstown "Word FM"
    91.9 WGTS MD Takoma Park calls
    92.1 WIKG PA Mercersburg rock
    92.5 WAIW VA Winchester "Air1"
    92.9 unID country
    93.1 WPOC MD Baltimore calls
    93.3 WYPM PA Chambersburg NPR
    93.3 unID religious
    93.5 W228AM MD Frederick "Max"
    93.5 W228BA VA Leesburg "Encouraging WPER"
    93.7 W229CM WV Martinsburg ESPN Radio // WEPM 1340
    93.9 WKYS DC Washington urban adcon
    94.1 WQZK-FM WV Keyser "QZK"
    94.3 WQCM PA Greencastle "94.3 QCM"
    94.7 WIAD MD Bethesda classic hits
    94.9 unID oldies (yes, oldies)
    95.1 WIKZ PA Chambersburg "Mix 95.1"
    95.3 WZRV VA Front Royal "The River"
    95.5 WPGC-FM MD Morningside calls
    95.7 unID classic rock
    95.7 W239BV VA Winchester country
    95.9 WICL MD Williamsport ""
    96.3 WHUR-FM DC Washington
    96.5 unID country
    96.7 WDLD MD Halfway Frederick & Hagerstown ads
    96.9 WSIG VA Mt. Jackson ID
    97.1 WASH DC Washington "Wash FM"
    97.5 WLTF WV Martinsburg "West Virginia's Own"
    97.9 WIYY MD Baltimore rock
    98.1 WFGY-FM PA Altoona Crook & Chase syndicated country show
    98.3 WKSI-FM VA Stephens City ""
    98.5 WACL VA Elkton classic rock
    98.7 WMZQ DC Washington calls
    98.9 W255CP MD Hagerstown "WARK" (AM primary)
    98.9 W255CK VA Front Royal ""
    99.1 WDCH-FM MD Bowie "bloomberg991 .com" Yes, with the space
    99.3 WFQX VA Front Royal "993 The Fox"
    99.5 WIHT DC Washington chr
    99.9 WFRE MD Frederick ID
    100.3 WBIG-FM DC Washington rock
    100.5 W263CR MD Halfway // W228AM-93.5
    100.7 WZBA MD Westminster classic rock
    100.9 W265DU PA Waynesboro Ben Shapiro show // WLIN AM
    101.1 WWDC DC Washington DC traffic
    101.3 W267AK VA Winchester religious
    101.5 WBHB-FM PA Waynesboro "Bob Rocks"
    101.7 W269DH VA Leesburg South Asian music & talk // WTRI 1520
    101.7 WELD-FM WV Moorefield religious
    101.9 WLIF MD Baltimore calls
    102.1 W271BR VA Winchester ""
    102.5 WUSQ-FM VA Winchester "Q102", country
    102.7 WQSR MD Baltimore "Harford Community College"
    102.9 W275BV VA Winchester "Valley FM", "WXVA" (AM primary)
    103.1 unID adcon
    103.3 unID country
    103.5 WTOP-FM DC Washington "WTOP News"
    103.7 WEEO-FM PA McConnellsburg Ads mentioning Waynesboro
    103.9 WTLP MD Braddock Heights // 103.5
    104.1 unID classic rock
    104.1 WPRS-FM MD Waldorf ""
    104.3 W282CR MD Hagerstown country
    104.5 unID classic hits
    104.7 WAYZ MD Hagerstown country
    104.9 WKDV-FM VA Strasburg adcon
    105.1 WAVA-FM VA Arlington "WAVA"
    105.3 WFRB-FM MD Frostburg country
    105.5 WINC-FM VA Berryville "Wink FM"
    105.7 W289BR MD Cumberland ""
    105.9 WMAL-FM VA Woodbridge conservative talk
    106.1 WRQE MD Cumberland classic rock
    106.3 W292FR MD Frederick Sean Hannity, Maryland news
    106.5 WWMX MD Baltimore area talk
    106.7 WJFK-FM VA Manassas
    106.9 WWEG MD Myersville hot adcon
    107.3 unID country
    107.5 unID rock, "107.5 QR"??
    107.7 WWWT-FM VA Manassas // 103.5
    107.9 WLZL MD College Park in Spanish
    I suspect WDCN may actually be on 87.75, as the signal was rather distorted.

    Stations without specific ID information are presumed. There was a brief Es opening during my stay (logged one definite Oklahoma station and one presumed), I cannot entirely rule out there is more Es in this list. (but there probably isn't)
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    Doug Smith W9WI
    Pleasant View, TN EM66

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    Thanks to Chris Lucas for identifying WARN, W271BR, and W269DH!
    Doug Smith W9WI
    Pleasant View, TN EM66


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