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FM Bandscan - Hartline to Wilbur WA 8/7/2021

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  • FM Bandscan - Hartline to Wilbur WA 8/7/2021

    Went on a nice little day trip Saturday along Hwy 2 in the wheat fields of north-central to eastern Washington, hitting estate sales, thrift stores, and even a flea market along the way. Here's what FM sounds like in those areas. Wilbur is 65 mi W of Spokane, by the way, and about 100 mi NE of Ellensburg.

    88.1 KYRS Medical Lake
    88.3 KMLW Moses Lake
    88.7 KDMB Moses Lake (no sign of KAGU)
    89.1 KFAE Richland
    89.5 KEWU Cheney
    89.7 KWWS Walla Walla
    89.9 KPLW Wenatchee
    90.1 KOLU Pasco
    90.3 unID, suspect KPBZ Spokane
    90.7 KNWR Ellensburg
    91.1 KPBX-FM Spokane
    91.5 KLWS Moses Lake
    91.9 KPBW Brewster
    92.3 KZUS Ephrata
    92.5 KZHR Dayton
    92.9 KZZU Spokane
    93.1 K226AK Ephrata (KFAE) carried out farther than I thought
    93.3 KRKL Walla Walla
    93.5 KWDR Royal City
    93.7 KDRK Spokane
    93.9 KTAC Ephrata
    94.1 unID, suspect K231CU Spokane (KJRB-AM, The Bear)
    94.5 KHTQ Hayden ID
    94.9 KIOK Pasco
    95.3 KPND Deer Park (mixed with K237AW Chelan Butte, KCSY, around Hartline and into Coulee City)
    95.7 KKSR Walla Walla / K239CL Spokane (KYOZ-AM, Ke Buena) / third UNID, suspect CJAT-FM Trail BC
    95.9 KZML Quincy
    96.1 KFOO Opportunity
    96.3 KRCW Royal City
    96.7 KWWW Quincy
    96.9 KEZE Spokane
    97.1 KXRX Walla Walla
    97.3 KKRS Davenport
    97.5 KOLW Basin City / possibly a 2nd station - KTRT Winthrop?
    97.7 KYSN Wenatchee
    97.9 KZTB Milton-Freewater OR
    98.1 KISC Spokane
    98.3 KEYW Pasco (with lots of splatter from...)
    98.5 KEYG Grand Coulee (came within a few miles of their transmitter, near Almira.)
    98.9 KKZX Spokane
    99.1 KUJ-FM Burbank
    99.3 KDRM Moses Lake
    99.5 KQBG Rock Island
    99.9 KXLY-FM Spokane
    100.1 KQFO Pasco
    100.5 KWIQ Moses Lake
    100.9 KARY-FM Grandview - Came within a few miles of reaching Wilbur itself. About 103 miles at 8.9KW
    101.1 KEYF Cheney
    101.3 KGDN Pasco
    101.5 K268DN Spokane (KZFS-AM, Hooptown 101.5, classic hip-hop)
    101.9 KTSL Medical Lake
    102.1 KPQ-FM Wenatchee (FMFool shows 87 miles and completely line-of-sight from Wilbur.)
    102.7 KORD Richland
    102.9 KZTM Centralia (about 210 miles, in and out)
    103.1 KCDA Coeur D'Alene ID
    103.3 KWLN Wilson Creek
    103.5 KWHT Pendleton OR
    103.9 KBBD Spokane
    104.7 KKRV Wenatchee
    104.9 KEEH Medical Lake
    105.3 KONA-FM Pasco
    105.7 KZBD Spokane
    106.1 K291CS Ephrata (KTBI-AM)
    106.5 KEGX Richland (No sign of KSPO, 60 miles away)
    106.9 K295AU Moses Lake (KGTS)
    107.1 K296BP Ephrata (KGIO - NO sign of KPKL!)
    107.3 KFFM Yakima (about 120 miles)
    107.7 K299AY Brewster (KCSY, a real surprise, knowing most of their pattern goes away from the Hartline to Wilbur portion of Hwy 2. But there they were, at 10 watts and // KEYG.) / KWVN Pendleton OR
    107.9 KMBI-FM Spokane
    FM/AM/SW DXer of Yakima, WA! God Bless America!

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    Nice bandscan!

    90.3 - If it sounded religious, then you have K212DB Moses Lake. If it didn't, then it's probably KPBZ Spokane.
    94.1 - If it sounded like rock, then you have K231CU Spokane. If it sounded like country, then you have KCLK Clarkston/Lewiston.
    95.7 - Is probably CJAT-FM. I had that one along with 94.9 CBC from Wilbur back in February.

    Fun fact: I got 90.1 KOLU w/ RDS, 98.3 KEYW w/ branding, 105.3 KONA w/ local ad and 92.5 KZHR today.
    Kyle / DX Sphere
    Moses Lake, WA (DN07hc) - Home
    Ellensburg, WA (CN96rx) - Secondary
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