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UNID (SS) 95.1 June 5, 2017

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  • UNID (SS) 95.1 June 5, 2017

    Reviewing some of my TBs of old I/O recordings from eskip seasons past. Trying to make some headway. Here is a clip from June 5, 2017. Band was open to the Caribbean, including Jamaica and Cayman Islands during this opening. I suspected this contained a station ID. I asked our translation director at work who is a native of Chile to listen to it. Sadly, she's not a DXer and unaccustomed to listening to weak, shifting signals. Here is her estimation:

    My speakers are not the best, so I had a bit of trouble listening more accurately. For what I can gather this is an ad from a Hispanic radio station in Antigua. The first part is the announcer stating the frequency and the radio location and talks about the schedule maybe? The second part is an ad.

    Horario Radio .51 en Antigua (Schedule… Radio… .51 in Antigua)

    En junio en … disfrute de la comodidad con tranquilidad de su hogar (In June at…. Enjoy quietness and comfort from your home…)

    My knowledge of both Spanish and ​Caribbean radio is very limited, so even with the aid of Google, I am not certain which station this might be. Anyone have any thoughts or resources where I could seek more information.
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    Here is the file which I forgot to attach.
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      I hear something something Muebles. That's an ad for a furniture store. This is a real, real toughie. The name of that furniture store is NOT coming out.

      Where you hear "Antigua", I hear "Contigo" (with you). I spent a lot of time... Hits FM 93.1, Contigo? That'd be XHCTO-FM Torreón, Coahuila. Did you get northern Mexico?

      (Also, I think that's the first non-butchered diacritic mark I've ever posted here...)
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        Thank you Raymie for investing in this. I've logged XHCTO-FM many times from here. The band wasn't open in that direction at the time. Jamaica and Caymans were both coming in. Caribbean openings usually happen early in the eskip season here, while Mexico is a bit later in the Summer. But you could be right.


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          A friend of mine is a high school Spanish teacher who formerly lived in Peru. He put some of his brightest students on the task of listening to this and transcribing it using headphones. They determined the name of the furniture store was "Galaxy Muebles" which is located in Santiago, Dominican Republic. 93.1 in Santiago is HCIB-FM "CONCIERTO FM." An email to the station confirmed that the furniture store is a frequent sponsor of outdoor concerts given by the radio station. They transmit in 5kW. This is country Uncategorized Groups on the FM band. Thank you Bessemer High School AP Spanish class!


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            Wow, "Galaxy" was never going to get into my head. That's an impressive catch. Congrats on RD!


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              The magic of young ears! I was thrilled to get the Dominican Republic on FM. New countries are rare here, and usually only happen early in the E-Skip season when the Caribbean opens up. I'm going to try for more "split" frequencies next summer.


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                Les, DR is a great catch, and I enjoyed reading about the way it was IDed.

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