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  • Don't waste your time........

    Hey, I am over a year late on this---maybe some of you were aware already.

    Got a response in Spanish on ce3sad (Chile)'s YouTube user page, that the infamous SCA Musica 47-48 MHz beacons left the air at the end of 2014. I have been wasting time trying to hear them.

    You can check the Discussion page on YouTube username ce3sad.


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    Did that include the ones higher up the band on 49, 72 and 75 MHz?


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      I don't even know about those.....but if they were SCA Musica-controlled, I guess so.

      What can you tell me about them? I could write ce3sad once more, as long as they can be explained.

      Radio Selectos, a supposed in-store music service for the El Salvador grocery chain Super Selectos, used to run a 1.5 kW station on 72.9 MHz (between TV channels 4 and 5), and they even announced the frequency on air. It went off 72.9 a couple of years ago, but can still be heard online. Humberto in WTFDA gave me the news. It was another good beacon.



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        This is the frequency list I have for Chilean Muzak on 49, 72 and 75 Mhz bands. These public, private FM Radio Stations
        run 250W on up to 5kW power into a circular polarized antenna. Some are used exclusively for public bus companies, called

        Freq, Call Sign, Location, Region

        49.2 XQD-218 Osorno Southern
        49.2 XQA-242 Arica Northern
        49.2 XQA-244 Iquique Northern
        49.2 XQA-243 La Serena Northern
        49.2 XQB-171 Vina del Mar Central
        49.2 XQB-163 San Antonio Central
        49.2 XQC-237 Chilian Central
        49.2 XQC-239 Concepcion Central
        49.2 XQC-238 Los Angeles Central
        49.3 XQA-234 Calama Northern
        49.3 XQB-153 Santiago Central 1kW
        49.4 XQC-231 Curico Central
        49.6 XQA-239 Antofagasta Northern
        72.4 XQD-006 Punta Arenas Southern 250W
        72.6 XQA-229 Iquique Northern 1kW
        72.6 XQB-146 Santiago Northern 3kW
        72.6 XQA-158 Calama Northern 100W
        72.6 XQA-157A Copiapo Northern, 800W
        75.6 XQB-029 Valparaiso Central

        If anyone can expand on the list, please do.


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