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    I am giving some thought to getting a new SAME weather alert radio. I had one of the earlier Radio Shack SAME radios and that finally went out of service. What are some of the weather radios that have very sensitive receivers and are the most feature rich?

    I have been eyeing up a Sangean CL-100. My experience in the past with other Sangeans radios are that they are pretty sensitive, selective receivers. I seem to recall reading that some additional SAME codes may have been added since the original Radio Shack SAME radio was released, but I don't know how accurate that is.

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    I think there are a few newer SAME codes, maybe Tornado Emergency or marine hazards, I'm not sure. I've never used a Sangean radio, but they do have a good reputation. I have an older Midland weather radio, I appreciate the antenna port and accessory port (not that I use either). I've helped several people set up newer Midland weather radios, they definitely take less space than my current, and they seem to work well enough.
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      There are new SAME codes. More than one round.. I seem to recall Tornado Emergency (how this differs from Tornado Warning I don't know) - there's also a National Periodic Test and some storm-surge related codes useful in coastal areas.

      **Find out how your radio responds to codes it doesn't know**.

      I bought a pretty nice clock radio with SAME some years ago. The FM sensitivity & selectivity were very good. Problem is, when new SAME codes were released there was no way to tell the radio to ignore them. It would set off the alarm with the display "UNKNOWN CODE". The only way to stop it from alarming was to turn off ALL SAME alerts -- including Tornado Warning. I had to unplug it when the FCC added CAE (Amber Alert) and the EMA issued two of them at 4am in the same week. (in both cases there was no actual abduction)
      Doug Smith W9WI
      Pleasant View, TN EM66


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        I'd like to get the CL-100 as it had RDS and it looks like it has PI codes with AM and Auxiliary in.


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