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New 2m/70cm ham radio antenna...and DXin' WX Radio

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  • New 2m/70cm ham radio antenna...and DXin' WX Radio

    Yesterday I installed a dual band omindirectional antenna for the Yaseu FT-897D for the primary purpose of 144 Mhz FM and 440 Mhz FM.

    But...a side benefit of having a decent antenna of this type is the ability to monitor and DX WX radio frequencies. I have a local on on 162.400 (WXJ54 Star City AR), and can often hear WXJ55 (162.550 Little Rock AR), and KGG86 (162.475 Fountain Hill AR) on the handheld HT with the right conditions.

    However, with the new antenna up connected to the Yaseu HF/VHF/UHF base radio, nearly every NOAA WX channel, including the "split" ones (162.425, 162.450, 162.500, 162.525) were occupied with various signals.

    Most the Arkansas stations operate at 1KW, but one in particular KXI92 (162.425) at Mt Ida AR is only 300W.

    I think that this may become my new source of propagation beacons.

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    So you are creating a log of the stations? Can hardly wait to see!


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