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  • WL2XUP experimental licence

    During the Es opening to North America yesterday evening I logged the new US experimental licence on 40MHz which I think makes it the first confirmed reception of North America in Europe on 8M.

    Lin, NI4Y operating as WL2XUP from EM73vv was running 20W WSPR on 40.662 into nothing more than a dipole at 8M AGL. I've been running multiband multimode decoders all Es season and only yesterday I added 40.662 to the mix.

    Lin can also switch to FT8 with 100W for skeds should conditions be favourable. Unfortunately last night (afternoon) he was out so wasn't able to change mode.

    Best reception was this one;
    22/07/21 2016 -16dB 40.663516 WL2XUP EM73 43dBm 6876KM

    Some of the surges in MUF also brought in EMS traffic on 33MHz,and I'll look through those files over the weekend.

    With all the ongoing discussion about the forthcoming solar cycle 40MHz could be critical to transatlantic and worldwide amateur activity. The few of us monitoring Low VHF last cycle know that the MUF just about reached 50MHz on a couple of occasions whereas 40MHz was a weekly event during the peak.

    Paul G7PUV

    RX-888 MKII, Elad FDM-S3, RTLSDR820.
    Icom ICR8500, SDRPlay RSP1A, A*rspy.
    HS Publications D100 TV-DX receiver.
    Sony XDR F1, TEF6686 tuner, XDR-GTK.
    LNA4ALL, SV1AFN & CCW Multicouplers.
    W4KMA 18-100MHz custom Log Periodic.
    Wellbrook ALA1530AL1 active HF loop.
    Korner 19ele BII, Korner 19ele BIII Yagis.

    24 hour digimode log

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    There are the two Irish 40MHz beacons to try for
    on 40.013 and 40.016MHz,these will be possible
    in North America judging by your reception, Paul.


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