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DTV Yagi vs Vertical Dipole Reception

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    DTV Yagi vs Vertical Dipole Reception

    Today had a fairly long Es opening to KHSV Las Vegas on channel 2. That station is a regular here. With nothing else received then I thought that I would made a comparison of KHSV reception using my 9-element channel 2 & 3 Yagi at 86' high to that using a vertical dipole for channels 2 & 3 with its center height of 70'. Different HDFX-4K's were the tuners used in both instances.
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    At first glance you might see that the vertical dipole received KHSV first. That's correct--the vertical dipole received it first compared to my Yagi pointed at Georgia. Seeing the reception on the vertical dipole's tuner prompted me to change my Yagi's heading. After the shorter initial reception, the same thing happened again at the start of the longer reception.

    The vertical dipole also fed an Insignia/Zenith tuner. Compared to the HDFX-4K using the same antenna, the Insignia seemed to take slightly longer to initially capture reception while continuing to receive KHSV longer than the HDFX-4K did.