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    Hi all, it's time I started contributing to the forums. I couldn't remember my old account information (or even if I had an account), so I set up a new one that I can remember the login and password for!

    If memory serves me right, I joined WTFDA in November, 1985, as a 15-year-old kid who was thrilled to discover there were others who looked for distant stations. Back then the VUD was the main source of information for what others were seeing and hearing, and I eagerly awaited its arrival every month. I still have a box full of the VUDs from that era in the basement, which I really should go back and enjoy reading sometime, to relive the "glory days" of DX.

    While I've always maintained an interest in DX, the level of interest has waned over the last few years. One reason was living in an apartment for 4 years after a divorce so I had nothing but indoor antennas. Another was multiple summers with minimal skip. Without much to listen for, I was finding other things to occupy my time. I moved back into a house in late 2015, and was able to put up a modest antenna setup on the roof. That helped me regain some interest. Technology has allowed me to maintain interest as well; a pair of Home Run tuners monitor TV DX for me now, so while I'm not manually changing channels, I'm still monitoring conditions, albeit passively. Then again, someone has to turn that rotor as conditions warrant! It's been interesting to monitor how often out-of-town signals decode (a lot more often than I expected).

    This year has been good for DX, with some notable firsts for me like Colorado DTVs via tropo, and New Mexico via tropo on FM. The skip so far this season has been plentiful, and as a result I've added a few dozen stations to my log. Even with a crowded dial locally, when conditions are good most of those pesky low-powers can be nulled. So there's still the opportunity for DX, but now more than ever a good antenna and rotor are musts to be able to be successful in a bigger city.

    I'll try to not be a stranger on the forums. You can always reach out to me on Facebook or via e-mail.
    Matthew C. Sittel
    Bellevue, NE

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    Matt I've *known* you for a few years now as a dxer neighbor, first when I lived in Colorado and now that I am in Missouri. I'm glad you decided to post something on the Forums, even though you aren't new to dxing. Please keep me in mind for texts whenever you notice some dx happening that I might have a shot at.

    Welcome to the WTFDA Forums!
    Jim Thomas
    Springfield, MO EM37

    "Let's just plop them in front of the TV. I was raised in front of the TV and I turned out TV." - Homer Simpson

    Fall & Winter 2019 dx equipment
    Antennas - Antennacraft MXU59 UHF antenna & home-brew version of Antennacraft VHF Y-10-7-13 antenna @ 25'. Both antennas fed through a Channel Master 7777 30dB pre-amp.
    Tuners - Zenith DTT901 converter box; AirSpy HF+ sdr; Silicon Dust HD Homerun Dual ATSC tuner, using Rabbitears autologger support.


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      Hi Matt,
      Remember well your contributions back in the late 1980's and 1990's when I was active from Woodland Park, CO, and Jim Thomas was up in Fort Collins. We met at once of the conferences. Good to hear from you.
      Doug Allen
      Inman, SC