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Hello all!

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  • Hello all!

    Hi everyone,

    I am from Halifax Nova Scotia. New to tv and fm dxing. Long time into radio, am shortwave, amateur, cb, scanner etc. My first experience was with an AM alarm clock as a kid, also experimenting with vhf rabbit ears, and using my dads 2 way radio in his work vehicle.
    I than moved on to building electronic projects/radios you could get as an electronics lab kit. Had loads of fun with that. There were many years I moved away from the hobby, but got back into it 10 years ago now that I have settled down into my own house. I am just starting to set thing in motion with regards to getting setup, I havent felt this excited about it since I first discovered the hobby in general. Excuse me in advance if I ask many simple questions. I look forward to reading posts and keeping the hobby active.

    ps are there any other avid dxers in my area, I havent seen or heard of any yet.

    Thanks again,

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    Hi Quentin, this is Brian. Nice to see your post. If you decide to fully join the WTFDA, you would be the 11th Canadian in the club (according to the latest member list). Unfortunately, you would be the only one in Nova Scotia, as all the other Canadian members are to your west.

    Is your Channel Master screen name an homage to the company? I still have a CM antenna I bought 20 years ago when they were among the best. It still works like a charm, unlike my dead RCA plastic rotor. CM was bought and moved to China in 2003, and then again last year to Bulgaria of all places. I'm not sure the quality of their products are as good as they were back in the day. I will find out when I have my new Channel Master rotor installed.
    TV DXing from Fairfield, Connecticut since 1977.


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      Hi Quentin. Welcome to the forums! I saw that you wanted your username changed so I hope this is what you wanted.
      Mike B.
      Enfield, CT
      -72° 30' W/41° 59' N

      Online since 1999 and still going at


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        Wow. I hope I didn't make you self conscious about your old screen name. I meant my comments to be positive. I guess I should assume the Channel Master company had nothing to do with your original screen name. Sorry.
        TV DXing from Fairfield, Connecticut since 1977.


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          Mike, yes perfect thank you very much. Its just easier going with my owm name. Look forward to reading your posts and conversing with you.

          w1bsm, nice to meet you. No you had nothing to do with me wanting to change my screen name, as soon as I made it I realized it was probably missleadin etc. I had thought about that last night as soon as I registered.. I do plan on becoming a full member and participating in the group. I have a friend who is 4 hrs away from me who is big into the hobby (he actually got me into it) but he is not one for joing online forums etc. So that would make 12 registered Canadians. I just wonder how many more are in the hobby that we dont know.


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            Hi Quentin, Welcome to the forums. Nice to have a member in Nova Scotia. Are you viewing any analog TV rebroadcasters in the Maritime provinces?