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Greetings from the Pacific Northwest - New to the forum

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  • antennanut
    Welcome! I enjoy bandscans as well.


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  • w1bsm
    Welcome to the WTFDA Forums. As a television enthusiast and dxer, I look forward to any TV bandscans you post to the site. Hope you enjoy all our associated sites have to offer.

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  • Greetings from the Pacific Northwest - New to the forum

    Greetings! My name is Kyle and I am a multi-band DXer based out of Central Washington. I DX pretty much all bands ranging from LW beacons to UHF Studio Links (around 950 MHz), although my primary interests are FM, AM and TV. Some of you know me from Discord and/or the DX World TV/FM Logger.

    I use a handful of receiver (listed below), as well as two RTL-SDRs and a SDRPlay RSP1A.
    SPARC SHD-TX2 - FM, AM, HD Radio (Main)
    Sangean HDR-14 - FM, AM, HD Radio
    Eton Elite Executive - AM, SW, LW
    Radioshack 12-996 - FM & AM for unattended recording; this is how I nab so many meteor scatters
    Baofeng UV-R5 - VHF/UHF & TV Pilots
    Tyler TTV701 - Portable TV
    Midland WR-100 - Weather band

    I am fascinated with HD Radio, and run a directory of HD Radio Stations contributed by fellow DXers:, with my DX logs located at:

    That's all I have for now; I'll try to be active in the forums - I plan to post bandscan videos and logs as well as summaries from any E-skip openings this year. Looking forward to the upcoming season.

    Cheers 73!

    Kyle / DX Sphere
    Moses Lake, WA (DN07hc) - Home
    Ellensburg, WA (CN96rx) - Secondary
    The DX Sphere (YouTube) | kaylon_sphere (Twitter / Instagram)