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  • Hello from WV

    Wanted to say hello and introduce myself, I'm out in the WV eastern panhandle area. I have been interested in radio DX since I was a kid and would climb on my parents roof for better reception, but have been inactive for a long time.

    I recently was inspired to start in the hobby again after an experience I had listening to my little portable radio at work. I was listening to a local 98.3 station (about 40 miles in Stephens City, VA). When I moved the radio across my desk I noticed the station changed for a second. I found if I held everything just right I could get another station on the same frequency.

    After a the Carrie Underwood song finished they gave their callout, 98.3 KXGT, Thunder Country. A station all the way out in ND!

    If my headphone antenna was able to pick that up, I want to see what other stations I can get with a real antenna.

    Will probably wind up building a yagi, but would also be open to other directional designs if you guys have a proven setup.

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    Welcome to the WTFDA Forums! It appears that you got a little taste of E skip on your portable. Just a little taste is enough to get you hooked on the hobby! Have fun!
    Mike B.
    Enfield, CT
    -72° 30' W/41° 59' N

    Online since 1999 and still going at


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      Welcome Jensen567! I hope you enjoy your time hanging out here and don't be afraid to ask questions.
      Jim Thomas
      Springfield, MO EM37

      "Let's just plop them in front of the TV. I was raised in front of the TV and I turned out TV." - Homer Simpson

      Fall & Winter 2019 dx equipment
      Antennas - Antennacraft MXU59 UHF antenna & home-brew version of Antennacraft VHF Y-10-7-13 antenna @ 25'. Both antennas fed through a Channel Master 7777 30dB pre-amp.
      Tuners - Zenith DTT901 converter box; AirSpy HF+ sdr; Silicon Dust HD Homerun Dual ATSC tuner, using Rabbitears autologger support.


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        Thanks guys. I will probably post up some of my antenna designs at some point also. I think I have found some clever ways to adapt pumbing parts into some nice modular antennas with quick-swap element lengths, loading coil options, etc.

        For now they are RX only, as I integrate a small balun and bias-tee fed LNA into the center section, but that could be modified to remove the LNA and beef up the balun to handle more power if TX was desired.