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A New Group for WTFDA Members

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  • A New Group for WTFDA Members

    Maybe you're like me. You use Facebook but have grown to hate it. To replace Facebook, we made a new free DX group at This new group resembles the group on Facebook but without the negatives. Imagine a place where you don't have unruly FB users banging on your door wanting to cause havoc.

    The new group address is Use this link to register and join.

    How does differ from Facebook? No ads, no spyware, no censorship .Your data is not tracked or sold. See weme's front page at or Weme makes their money from premium subscriptions and selling things in their store.

    Not only can you read and post, you can do real-time chat from the group page with anyone else in the group at any time. And you can get your VUD there since it will be posted there every month.

    The new group is restricted to WTFDA members only and their invited guests. The riff-raff stays out. The group that is there now likes it!

    I've attached two photos with comments so you know what you will find when you get there. No surprises. If you're interested, check it out. Perhaps at some point we can phase out the Facebook groups.

    So take a look and come on over!
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    Mike B.
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