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    The WTFDA is the Worldwide TV-FM DX Association, the only radio hobby club in North America that caters to the TV and FM DXer. The term "DX" means "distant reception", and those who "DX" look for weak, distant radio and television signals, with an eye to logging as many of these distant signals as possible or obtaining the most distant reception from a given city, station or country (or continent). TV and FM signals normally travel in line-of-sight mode. DXers love to stretch the reception boundaries of stations by hundreds or thousands of miles when conditions are ripe for it.

    DXing is a hobby that one can do by himself, but many of us like to share our logs and catches with others, and this is where the WTFDA comes in. WTFDA is a group of people who share the same hobby. When you join the WTFDA, you immediately know that you are with others who love to do what you do. If you're just starting out, we'll guide you along. If you're an old timer, we'll help you get back into the groove. Our mission is to hear and see new distant stations and above all, have fun doing it!

    The WTFDA publishes a club magazine every month for our members. It's called the VHF-UHF Digest and is available online. The VUD, as it is called, is a pdf document viewed with Adobe Reader or any pdf viewer. The WTFDA also
    operates the WTFDA list for our TV and FM DXers. Our members post loggings, tips, DX alerts, FCC news, format and facility changes and plain old DX gab.

    To join our tv/fm dx reflector, just send a blank email to

    We also offer a Facebook Group called TV and FM DXing. If you use Facebook, consider joining.

    WTFDA maintains the WTFDA FM Database. It's free to the public.

    To become a WTFDA member and receive your VUD every month, send a check or money order for $10.00 USD, payable to WTFDA, to WTFDA P.O. Box 501, Somersville, CT 06072. We also accept Paypal. Send your dues to Your dues helps us pay for our websites and servers.

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