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WTFDA Help Central
The Worldwide TV-FM DX Association
Who we are, what we do and why you should be a part of us. Plus, all the lastest news that's fit to print. And some that isn't.
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by Mike-CT
Site Announcements
Admin announcements regarding the Forums.
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by Mike-CT
New? Introduce Yourself!
Are you new to the WTFDA Forums? Say hi and tell us a little about yourself and receive a proper welcome to the WTFDA Discussion Boards.
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by K4LY
WTFDA Members Area
VUD Forum
Get your VUD here every month. For dues paying WTFDA members only. The membership list is also stored here.
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VUD Extras
Here you will find articles that didn't make it into the VUD for whatever reason. Maybe they were just too large or not quite polished enough or they got crowded out by something else and we forgot about them. Some are old and some items are new. Here they are.
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Members Only General Chat
For WTFDA club members only.
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VUD TV DX Reports
Click on "New Thread". Build your own DX report at once or a little at a time. Around the end of the month reports will be collected by column editors and included in the next VUD. WTFDA members only.
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VUD FM DX Reports
Click on "New Thread". Build your own DX report at once or a little at a time. Around the end of the month reports will be collected by column editors and included in the next VUD. WTFDA members only.
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TV News
For WTFDA club members only.
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FM News
For WTFDA club members only.
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Got FM DX?
Post your identified FM DX loggings and audio clips here!
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by NickNJ
Got Analog TV DX?
Post your identified analog TV DX loggings and screenshots here!
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Last Post: Analog To The End
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by egrabow
Got Digital TV DX?
Post your identified digital TV DX loggings and screenshots here!
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Last Post: WGGN
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Crazy Monkey
FMDX Unids
Upload your unidentified FM DX audio here. Get help fast!
Topics: 1,631 Posts: 7,082
Last Post: Mexican DX
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by Raymie
TVDX Unids
Post your unidentified TV audio and screenshots here to get help identifying those elusive TV DX stations.
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by mp11
DX Equipment
Discussion about equipment (tuners/SDRs/preamps/TVs/DTVs/rotors/cable/connectors/computers/software) used for TV and FM DXing EXCEPT antennas. Topics pertaining to antennas should be posted in The Antenna Forum.
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The Antenna Forum
This forum is for and about antennas, and antennas only. It covers antenna performance, designs, construction, availability and more.
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by Mike-CT
Digital TV (HDTV)
Discussion and information on digital television as it relates to TV DXing.
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Jim Thomas
DTV - TSID Uploads Only
This forum is for the uploading of TSID HTML files ONLY.
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Weather Radio and 30-50mhz Utilities
This is the place for Weather radio logs & Info plus your 30-50mhz loggings.
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The Bandscan Corner
Put your TV and FM bandscans here and not in the DX forums.
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Radioemisoras - FM DX News
This Forum is designed for FM Dxers interested in receiving long-distance FM reception from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. The forum contains materials used to update the WTFDA FM Station Database, some of which originates with the governments themselves.
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Latin American TV DX
TV DX Tips and Info. Includes MEXICO, Central and South America and the Caribbean areas. Please put UNIDs in the Unid TV DX Forum.
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Raymie's Mexico Beat
Information and discussion regarding television, FM and AM radio in the country of Mexico. Brought to you by Raymie Humbert.
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Last Post: The Mexico Beat
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by Raymie
General Chat
The Chat Room
On-topic or Off-topic. Either way is fine. Just be nice.
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AM DXers Area
Post your logs, tips, reference materials here....whatever you think will help others in their AM Dxing quest.
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AM Audio Clips and IDs/Classic DX
This forum is for previously IDed AM audio files, or any DX related audio files you want to upload.
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AM Bandscans
Post your AM radio Bandscans here.
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by NO2CW
AM Unids
Can't figure out the call letters or location of something you heard? Post the .mp3 or .wav here and we'll give it a listen.
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357 1,829
by Saul
AM DXing Equipment
It's all about equipment: receivers, radios, antennas, SDR hardware/software.
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