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2012 LG TV turns off after just a few minutes of not sensing signal

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  • 2012 LG TV turns off after just a few minutes of not sensing signal

    Is there a way to defeat the quick turn-off which occurs on both analog and DTV? Here's what I wrote on the MeWe site two days ago, but had no replies-
    I sure was fortunate. I happened to visit a nearby Habitats for Humanity resale store Tuesday. It was celebrating its 40th anniversary with an unannounced 40% off for that day only. There was a 2012 LG 32 inch TV at 40% off the 50 dollars price. I've read for years that the LG TVs are favorites for the DX community because they have manual RF channel tuning and because their DTV is as good or better than any other TV. The TV did not have a remote, but actually all the remote options were available using the 4 console buttons. And I ordered a new remote for $7.00 which included shipping and arrived 3 days later. The LG performed as others have described. What a great addition to my stable of TVs!
    Except- there seems to no way to keep the TV from turning off after just a few minutes on a channel with no ATSC or NTSC signal. During E-skip season I want to monitor my channels 3, 4, 5, and 6 where I have no regional transmitters. Most E-skip occurs late mornings and evenings when I may not be home. Most tropo occurs early mornings before I awake. Maybe I've missed something easy? I've read the manual and the several explanations online on how to keep LG TVs from turning off, and I've think Ive tried everything recommended including various programming of the Time menus, but nothing has been successful. Has anyone with an older LG TV been successful in programming it to stay on 24/7, and, if successful, would you carefully explain how to do that? It seems like a great TV for DXing except for that problem.​

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    My first LG DTV, a 40" tv bought in 2012, would time out after a minute or two (in manual tuning mode). My new LG DTV 50" and bought around Christmas, does not time out in manual mode. You could let it sit on a channel overnight and it will not time out.

    I never found any adjustment in my first TV that would defeat the timing out.
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      Thanks Mike. That's a bummer, but saves me from further research and waste of time. It's still a very good TV for hands-on DXing which I do less and less as I move toward my mid 80s!