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Interference caused by computers

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  • Interference caused by computers

    First of all, love this new site! My computer throws off some serious RF to my TV and FM. The heaviest hash is spread between channels 2-4. Any help to get rid of the interference would be appreciated.

    I have tried every every filter and moving the coax and moving the TV. Nothing helps. The monitor also adds to the noise. HELP!

    Steve Solomon
    Cape Cod

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    coping with RFI

    Steve, I put up with considerable noise created by my monitor also in the 20-70MHz range. sometimes if I'm really trying to pull something out on ch 2 or on 50 MHz I turn off the monitor. The only solutions I know of are to move the computer and monitor further away from the antenna or switch to a LCD flat screen monitor. My understanding is that they do not create the RF that a conventional tube monitor does. I'm tolerating it for now and hoping the price of the 17" flat screens comes down more. If it is the computer itself generating the noise I know of no other solution than to get a better computer.
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      One of the best things I did in my shack was to go to a flat screen LCD monitor. I find a 15" to be quite adequate. I did make a conscious decision that I wanted the lack of interference more than I did the larger size and I don't regret it. I had noise on both AM & FM from the monitor. But don't discount noise from a telco DSL modem or router either, although fortunately that doesn't seem to be radiated - just propagated via the cable.
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