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Peter's Mom's House - Hurricane Damage

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  • Peter's Mom's House - Hurricane Damage

    OK, we'll give it a try. A picture of my Mom's
    kitchen is attached. It pretty much sets the tone for
    what one finds in the rest of the house. That big
    rectangular thing is the fridge.

    Not pictured is the south wall of the house that went
    North with the surge. Water line got about 2' up on
    the second floor.

    I had a couple of antennas in that house in the attic.
    I wonder if they are still there.

    And, yes, Doug, she is quite fortunate. I called her
    the morning before the storm -- when it hit Cat 5 --
    and told her to leave -- RIGHT THEN. They have a
    small -- > 1000 sq. feet -- house in Florida.
    They'll be there for a while. So, they have shelter,
    food, power... all the cool stuff. Of course, they
    are paying $3+ for gas like the rest of us, but that's
    another issue.

    OK, Mom... that number is 1-800-621-FEMA.

    Mike B.
    Enfield, CT
    -72° 30' W/41° 59' N

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    Amazing Damage

    I'm very sorry to see all of this damage, but fortunately
    your mother is fine-material things can be replaced!

    I'm amazed to see that mixer is standing unscathed
    on the counter. Perhaps everything in the cabinets
    is salvageable, provided the building is safe to enter?

    Our thoughts are with everyone down there who has
    been affected.



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      damn, that's crazy.


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        We might get a bad snow storm now and then - think "Blizzard of 1977" which I survived trapped in construction trailers at an FMC chemical plant for 4 days - but you just dig out or push the snow out of the way. Nothing like what has hit your Mom's place. I hope her homeowner's covers most of the loss.


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          > I hope her homeowner's covers most of the loss.

          Well, there is actually an important lesson here. This is NOT a homeowners' issue; it was storm surge. If you live anywhere near water, have federal flood insurance. Homeowners doesn't cover flood.

          There are many folks in this disaster who will sadly learn this the hard way.

          And, yeah... the china in the cabinets was fine. My mom's silver in the dining room behind the door in the picture was fine, except for one candlestick that got bent by being slammed against the wall. Some clothing is savagable, especially the stuff upstairs above the water line. She found her jewelry box in the mud.

          BTW: If you have ever used one of those mixers, you know they weigh a ton. I told her to grab it; I am betting I can fix it.