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  • Spanish TV in OKC

    ** OKLAHOMA. There are a lot of SS in OKC, and ever-growing, but this market lacked a Univisión channel until a few years ago; then a couple of low-power channels became U, and now there is one, per a quarter-page display ad in El Latino American, Oct 22, which says:

    ``Ahora en el área metropolitana de Oklahoma La Familia UNIVISION OKLAHOMA KUOK-TV en el Canal 36, 312 S. Quadrum Drive, OKC, Tel. (405) 917-1713.

    Su Noticiero Favorito en UNIVISION OKLAHOMA de lunes a viernes 5:00 p.m. & 10:00 p.m. [con] Roberto Pazos, Carlos Paredes, Alan Rivera, Juan Homez``

    A real macho newsroom, and all of them wearing blue ties, but of different patterns and hues. Doug`s database at still has Univisión on channel 11 in Norman, KUOK-CA with less than 2 kW, while 36 is supposedly a 30 kW CP as KCHM-CA for Telefutura, transmitter site in SE OKC N of Moore. KCHM-LP was previously licensed on channel 59 with 20 kW, Telefutura. Univisión also formerly advertised as being on ch 69 which is really KWDW-LP with 6 kW from a transmitter site in north central OKC, also with a CP/STA for channel 48 as 69 must be evacuated (SW of the big antenna farm).

    So which channels are actually active with which network remains in question, but Univision Oklahoma is currently advertising only Canal 36. Has Telefutura ever actually been on the air in OKC?

    Meanwhile Telemundo is for sure on channel 30 as KTUZ, 5000 kW licensed to Shawnee, but transmitter site N of Norman, to be DT on 29 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Maybe John Zondlo can clarify the actual situation?
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