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Distant channels received in Carrollton, MO, between 8/18 to 24/2023

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    Distant channels received in Carrollton, MO, between 8/18 to 24/2023

    While I don't like hot weather, I do like it when it brings in distant OTA TV stations.

    The following is a list of distant & local TV stations that I've received in Carrollton, MO, over the past week (8/18 to 24/2023), using a Channel Master outdoor VHF & UHF TV antenna, a couple of signal boosters (One of which is a 4-way splitter.), a HDHomerun HDHR4-2US TV tuner & a Windows 11 PC running some autoscanner software.

    Channels 25 & 32 also had stuff on them but they are Kansas City, MO's ATSC 3.0 signals.

    I also saw Des Moines, IA's ATSC 3.0 signal (KDSM-TV) coming in on RF Ch. 16 as well.

    With some of these channels, I did have to turn the antenna & see what would come in.​

    Not too far away from, you got me curious as to what I received during the past seven days. That collection is attached in two forms: In reverse distance order and channel number.

    I have the advantage of three tuners and multiple antennas. That required combining the three sets of data and then deleting the duplicates. The reverse distance order made finding the duplicates much easier. The collection includes 154 signals.

    Log 7 days 20230825 1326.pdf

    Log 7 days 20230825 1326CH.pdf
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