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Spanish language unIDs from 2010-2012

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    Spanish language unIDs from 2010-2012

    A decade-plus offers a great time buffer for hearing unIDs with fresh ears. I've pulled a few RCN IDs and some Cubans from some older clips the last few days, and even on ones not solved I've found a few more clues. Any thoughts or leads on these Spanish language unIDs from 2010-2012 are greatly appreciated. Even if it's a sense of what's said. I'm north of Toronto ON.

    680 - 19 Jan 2012 0657 & 0659 - I'm anticipating Mexico here given the time, and the sound of the station. The first clip is fairly strong but CFTR Toronto, on my path, is holding fort here. But I think this two clips, especially the first one, might have potential for IDable content.

    940 - 26 Oct 2011 0601 EDT - It's probably Mexico City, but I'm wondeirng if there are any clues in what's said.

    1040 - 14 Mar 2011 0052 EDT - earlier on I IDed Radio Victoria, Cuba. But I had two stations, and am wondering if this recording might contain clues about that one. R Victoria, btw, seems to have left the airwaves since I heard it.

    1070 - 12 Dec 2011 1855 EST - I think there's an ID after a pop song. I'm not making it out, though.

    ​1080 - 22 Jan 2012 1903 EST - This feels Cuban, to me. Any sense of which one, or if it's something else?

    1190 - 10 Sep 2011 0624 EDT - My guess, given the hour, is Mexico. Anything of value in what's said in this clip?​

    1600 - 25 Oct 2010 1954 EDT - Quite a bit of talk here, including numbers, but with my limited Spanish I'm not making enough out for any clues. I suspect a US station here but am not certain.

    Any comments or leads are appreciated, with thanks.

    Saul / Burnt River ON
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    Tracks are now stereo. I didn't realize they were mono because my headphones work automatically on both sides (not all of mine do; and surprisingly these were cheap freebies).


      940: "De fiesta Puerto Rico... el equipo femenino de baloncesto ... oro en los Panamericanos". Well that's not what we expected! WIPR AM?

      1070: La Fiera or La Fiesta 1070, but I really do not know.

      1190: Talk segment about extreme poverty in Mexico. There's a mention of "Estado de México", but it might be as the state with the most extreme poverty.

      1600: I hear a mention of "Siete Estrellas" early. Then in another ad. 4xx 664 6060 or 7070. "Calle 4 y ???" maybe Hillman?. It might be a meat market, and I think the other name is an English name. I think I hear "Brownsville Kia" in the next ad, but that can't be right in 2010, can it?
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