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I am Here! FINALLY!!!!

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  • I am Here! FINALLY!!!!

    I finally logged on. Not sure why this site is giving me a hassle about it. Finally logged on. Now I just hope I don't have anymore problems.

    I mean I Love WTFDA and I Love all the people in it. I've been a member over 20 years back when the VUD was sent 3 to 4 months late out of someplace in Illinois. I recall when I first joined WTFDA I was a bit irate with the lateness of the VUD when you get 1 to 2 issues in a couple of days cause it was 3 to 4 months late.

    Now if my VUD came 10 days late I don't get irate but will wonder if it got lost in the mail. Besides communications among WTFDA members has changed and vastly improved in the course of time. All because of the internet. The internet has made a big change in everyones life. Without it we had to rely either on long distant phone calls (back then you didn't get breaks on LD phone calls) or snail mail. Now you get breaks on Long distant phone calls because the phone companies are feeling the big pinch from the internet.

    Anyways, I hope this board won't pick on me again.


    -John Lentz

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    Sorry that you were having problems logging on here. I hope you enjoy the discussions we have going on here. If you ever seem to have any trouble with the board, just let me know.
    Chris Cervantez
    Mesquite, TX | EM12qt

    Sony XDR-S10HDiP