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Summer 2022 Spanish-language Es UNIDs

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  • Summer 2022 Spanish-language Es UNIDs

    While going through my Es recordings from this past summer, I've come across several Spanish-language stations (and one indigenous-language station) that I'm unable to identify. Receptions were made in San Antonio, TX, using a SPARC SHD-T750 with the supplied dipole on south-facing wall unless otherwise noted.

    - 88.9 @ 10:39 - Female SS talk with "Estéreo Vida" and "95.5" IDs plus a Mexico reference. I can't find any Estéreo Vida stations on 88.9 or 95.5.

    - 88.9 @ 10:48 - Male DJ talking to female caller while "Acaso No Estoy Yo Aquí" by Athenas (Argentinian Catholic singer) is playing. He gives a "Radio Fortísimo" ID toward the end. I'm not sure if this is the same station as the previous one.

    - 94.7 @ 12:54 (car radio) - Female announcer giving a 502-3345-8875 phone number, which would appear to be Guatemala. (The station is mixing with a semi-local in Austin.) She then announces a song by Dúo Zimrah (Christian duet from Argentina). As the song starts, there is a "La Voz Que ? Radio" male voiceover. If this is Guatemala, the only religious station I can find on 94.7 is TGCN "La Buena" in Cobán, but I didn't hear that ID. (That day I did ID at least one station from Guatemala - Emisoras Unidas on 91.1.)

    - 91.1 @ 13:09 - "Cristo Me Ayuda" by Mariachi Misioneros del Rey, followed by male Christian talk with a "La Radio Reparador de Portillos 91.1" ID. This was followed by the "Our Father" sung in Spanish (not on recording), and then the station faded.

    - 91.1 @ 13:26 - Fadeup of talk in an unidentified indigenous dialect but with a 92.3 reference in Spanish. The talk went on for a bit after this recording but was weaker and had a "Cristo" reference. Could this just be just a different program from the same station as on 13:09?

    - 93.5 @ 13:38 - UNID SS Christian song ending, followed by male DJ talk in/out with a "bendición" reference and multiple "97.5" and "? Radio" IDs. After this recording, the station was taken over by female Spanish-language talk briefly, which was likely TGCZ in Guatemala.

    Many thanks for any ID help you guys can give.​
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    The first 88.9 mentions a "Top Show Internacional" which is "el recorrido musical más importante de la radio en español". This appears to be a syndicated show and airs on stations throughout Latin America. The only 88.9 I can find is XHUACC-FM Cd. del Carmen Camp.

    The second sounds like Radio Santísimo. A Catholic 104.9 pirate by this name operates at Nachig, Chiapas. And it's a two-transmitter operation, as its website mentions 88.9 and 104.9. Their website also says they went on air in June 2020. (Nice catch...but I can't exactly find the 88.9!)

    Searching the 94.7 phone number mentions a Unión Radio ( but the website is no longer extant. Unión Radio is Adventist. An archived version of their website has split programming listings for "Central" (they are apparently an AM in Cd. Guatemala) and 94.7. It looks like La Buena became Unión Radio last year.

    That "Reparador de Portillos" seems to be a slogan, apparently a biblical reference to Isaiah 58:12. But I get nowhere.

    The other 91.1 and the 93.5 are not pinging anything for me.
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      Thanks for the ID help, Raymie. Unión Radio on 94.7 and the Radio Santísimo pirate on 88.9 are new loggings for me.

      I sure hit on a patch of unique stations on those two days - as well as some that appear to be relays of stations on different frequencies. The UNID language on 91.1 could be Mayan, but I can’t find anything to match that.​