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  • UnIDs likely in NC SC VA FL GA

    Various unIDs all likely from these states:

    1) 88.3 - VA / NC Ms multiple dates 2022: No need for audio here. But a question. I have had a few TOH Ms bursts I can clearly tie to MyJourney which has full-powered stations in WRVL Lynchburg VA and WVRL Elizabeth City NC. The IDs ultimately mention WRVL or lead to it. Listening online to various streams, including TuneIn, Streema and the network website directly, all TOH IDs reference Lynchburg and the same group of VA stations. Even when TuneIn and Streema indicate the feed is WVRL in NC. My question: Can anyone in the Elizabeth City NC area or within earshot of other NC Journeys tell me if those ones ID any differently, that is, do they all list the VA stations, and not the NC ones? I'm hoping to differentiate between the two on 88.3.

    2) 90.3 Es June 27/22: Sounds like an RnB or jazz announcer, and I'm suspecting WSSB Orangeburg SC. The voice is pretty distinct. Audio attached here. Does it sound like WSSB, or otherwise familiar?

    3) 93.5 - GA / FL Es June 27/22: Eye-on forecast for North FL and South GA, on audio clip here. I suspect WVOH Nicholls GA but I see a couple feasible options...

    4) 94.1 Es June 27/22: Oldies with Jukebox slogan on attached clip. I suspect WNBU Oriental NC. Does WNBU run IDs like this, and/or does anyone else? No other obvious candidates...

    5) 97.7 GA Es June 19/22: Getting "old school" in an ID mentioning GA, on audio here. I'm suspecting WTTY.

    Any IDs, leads or thoughts are appreciated, with thanks!

    Saul / Burnt River ON

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    UnID 1 has been solved. A DXer in Chesapeake VA, about 40 miles from Elizabeth City, reports the top of the hour ID as: WVRL, Elizabeth City, Edenton and the Outer Banks. "That's all, no other station lists or anything." So what I heard is the VA 88.3 in Lynchburg. New catch! Actually heard twice during the Geminids, each time with a partial ID that was from the VA group of stations.

    Still working on the other four ...


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      The 97.7 is WTTY, at around 11 seconds in you can hear "The Beat"


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        Thanks, Spunker88. I can make it out, but "The Beat" does get, um, beat up! NC OBX DXer Rick Shaftan also tells me the 94.1 sounds like WNBU. I think I'll shop that clip to the station before counting it (or otherwise, depending on any response). Appreciate the listens here ... thanks!


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          93.5 definitely WFDZ out of Perry. It's a short DX for me... Pick it up from time to time. Perry is licensed city. Covers N.FL/ S.GA
          I'll try to catch some audio of it one day so you can have total confirmation... But I'm most definitely sure it's the source.
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            Because boredom... As for 94.1... I wouldn't say this is an iron clad confirmation... But I just spent 10 mins listening to WNBU's online stream... And the bumper voice is most definitely the same as the audio clip.

            I'll be there... You're welcome.


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              Thanks, Will. Just back into Forums after a long absence... I'll download the info and review the loggings and adjust with the new info. Thanks for giving them a spin!