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J-Pole Antenna for NOAA Weather Radio/Railroad Band 160-162 MHz

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    J-Pole Antenna for NOAA Weather Radio/Railroad Band 160-162 MHz

    I highly recommend this J-Pole antenna by KB9VBR. It has 3 dB gain over a dipole, and is built to withstand harsh conditions. Put it up and forget it. Pulls in lots of DX at a great price. Not associated with the company, just a happy customer.

    NOAA Weather / Railroad Band 160 – 162 Mhz J-Pole Antenna

    The NOAA Weather band antenna is perfectly tuned to receive the 162MHz NOAA weather radio broadcasts. If you are looking for an antenna for your weather radio, this is the one to get. Used and trusted by Emergency Managers, Public Safety Officials, Outdoor Event Venues, Schools, and Factories; this antenna will increase the range and signal strength for your weather radio, assuring you will receive critical alerts and messages from the National Weather Service.

    The NOAA Weather and railroad band J-Pole is also big hit with railfans everywhere. This antenna is tuned to the 160-164 MHz railroad band and will give you superior performance over the antenna that came with your scanner. If you are serious about listening to the rail band, then this is the antenna for you.

    This antenna is now delivered as a two piece breakaway model for easy storage and transport. The two piece antenna has the same specs and performance as the single piece model.

    Actually a J-pole makes a decent omni-directional FM antenna. I made mine a few years ago out of copper pipe using a pipe cutter, torch and solder. Due to weathering it is not as pretty as the one in the photo, but it works. Mine was cut for 92mhz (not necessarily for RX) but does work on the whole FM band. Lots of plans online on how to make one, too. Get the pipe at Lowes or H. Depot. BTW...their price for an LPFM B'cast antenna is ridiculous.
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