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  • WG Hauser

    ** OKLAHOMA. RF 20, Sept 16 at 0206 UT, area tropo is up visiblizing
    KBZC-LD, OKC, virtual 42. Logged a number of times before but now I
    compare it to info. Unlike most multi-subchannel
    stations, this one displays the same PSIP ID on all of them, KBZC-LD.
    Makes it harder to ID the individual subs, not always with clear bugs
    of their own. Like 42-1 illegible algo #LFN ? in UR. Has open
    captioning in English altho the audio is already in English. As far as
    I can tell, they do correlate with info:

    42-1 20.1001 720p DD2.0 KBZC-LD Visión Latina
    42-2 20.1002 480i (w) DD2.0 KBZC-LD beIN Sports Xtra
    42-3 20.1003 480i (w) DD2.0 KBZC-LD BUZZR
    42-4 20.1004 480i DD2.0 KBZC-LD RVTV
    42-5 20.1005 480i DD2.0 KBZC-LD [Blank]
    42-6 20.1006 480i DD2.0 KBZC-LD Infomercials
    42-7 20.1007 480i DD2.0 KBZC-LD Shop LC

    I have not found what (w) means. 42-6 at the time was about Legal
    Help. On the way to oblivion, but by 0231 has faded to breakups
    providing ever-changing unique views of DTV art!

    R-e info: Technical Data: 7.2 kW ERP,
    292' 7.2 kW ND (C) (Vertical ERP: 7.2 kW)
    (1 kW + 8.57 dB gain = 7.2 kW ERP)
    31.5 mile contour / 3126.2 sq. mi. area / Est. Pop. 1,143,298
    328' AGL; 1430' AMSL; (1045226)
    NAD83: N 35° 35' 52.1", W 97° 29' 23.2" (35.597806, -97.489778)
    That is: the NE OKC antenna farm, just south of Kilpatrick Tpk near NE
    122nd St. and Kelley.

    Operator: HC2 Holdings
    From that we can link to all other HC2s including in same market:
    42 (20) KBZC-LD Oklahoma city OK

    There is also a link to stations sharing this tower:
    RF DTV: 25 13 20 23. FM: 102.7 94.7 96.1 101.9. Xltrs: 89.5 90.5
    I was not aware of that before, very handy as it would be very tedious
    to compare the exact G.C. of all other local FM and TV sites. With
    full details including exact heights and callsigns I have omitted.
    KWTV atop at 1568 feet AGL, i.e. it`s their original tower for analog
    9, first hyped as 1572 feet, the tallest anywhere.

    KBZC-LD last logged May 6, 2023 and multiple times in 2016, 17, 18,
    19, 20. It was originally licensed to Enid on 42 in 2016 but never
    seen as a local. First seen Nov 10, 2016 from OKC on RF 42 before

    At the outset of latest log, besides several BAD signals, the only
    other LP decoding was RF 34 33-1 KWRW-LD (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. KAUT ``43`` is no longer ``Freedom 43``, but ``CW 43``,
    that network branding taken from KOCB, ``CW 34`` on RF 33. KOCB is now
    merely ``independent``. KAUT is mainly on RF 19 but the only
    transmitter around here so far in unvisable ATSC 3.0. As KAUT is also
    owned by NexStar, i.e. KFOR ``4`` RF 27 with NBC, we can really see
    KAUT via RF 27.5, in ATSC 1.0 as virtual ``43-1``. Altho when I first
    noticed this at 2359 UT Sept 16, it was via Optimum Cable 2 in Enid. I
    soon found that already made the change, so don`t know
    exactly when it happened, as there is little reason to watch KAUT or
    KOCB. Except: NBC or other KFOR programming such as `Discover
    Oklahoma`, the state-sponsored travelog, is shunted to KAUT when
    stupid ballgames or maybe BREAKING NEWS or WEATHER, takes over KFOR,
    as happened today. Last week KAUT also had a stupid ballgame so
    `Discover OK` was out of luck! (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)


    On MSNBC at 0204 UT Sept 20, Laurence O`Donnell refers to Vietnam as
    ``that tiny country the size of New Mexico``, having been bombarded so

    Yes, per my Almanaque Mundial of 1987y, Vietnam of 329,556 sqkm vs New
    Mexico of 315,115 sqkm --- but TINY? Come on. Drastically different
    shapes so difficult to eyeball compare (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

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  • WG Hauser

    ** OKLAHOMA. Tropo up from OKC, Aug 18 at 0510 UT. On RF 36 I am
    getting decode, so explore all the subs into the STB. As I flip thru
    the channels, I am getting input from two *different* RF channels.
    This is very confusing. At each stop on the virtual span I change to
    RF to see where it`s really coming from.

    36-1, first the PSIP ID is KUOKCD1 which means it`s RF36;
    36-1, later just KUOK which is RF 29. That`s Univision on both
    36-2, UNIMAS, RF 29
    36-2, UNIMAS, RF 36
    36-3, this number is skipped!
    36-4, Catchy, RF 36
    36-5, H&I, fades below threshold before I can check
    36-6, seems another one here I did not get to

    For KUOK-CD, RF 36 & virtual 36, shows:
    36-1 KUOK
    36-2 Unimas
    36-3 [skipped]
    36-4 StartTV
    36-5 H&I
    36-6 3ABN
    48-1 Estrella

    Catchy is a Comedy channel. Its website does lead to 36.4 KUOK for ZIP
    73101: has lots of stations on that net, mostly translators,
    but nothing for Market 50, OKC: omedy

    Note: adding to the confusion, the *real* plain old KUOK is in far
    Woodward, RF and virtual 35 with UNI, never? seen here, 8 kW ERP. Are
    the OKC KUOKs considered as subsidiaries/satellites/relays of the
    Woodward one? Surely it`s the other way around. RF 36 site in OKC is
    just east of Santa Fe Ave on SE 49th St.

    Note also, RF 29 KTUZ with its panoply is really licensed to Shawnee,
    which is rather too far out to be considered a suburb of OKC. Its
    transmitter site is really among the NE OKC antenna farm, halfway
    between Kelley & Eastern a few blox south of Britton Road (Glenn
    Hauser, Enid, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. RF 24, Aug 22 at 1529 UT, no signal from KOKH Fox ``25``
    OKC. Normally ``local`` quality. Is back on at next check 1800 (Glenn
    Hauser, Enid, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. RF 25, Aug 22 at 1430 UT, KWTV ``9`` OKC is on the air
    but instead of local `News9` hour, is relaying sister station from
    Tulsa, `News on 6` KOTV, with apologetic crawler. Evidently KWTV`s
    studio produxion is out of order (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. RF 24, Aug 23 at 1510, 1615, 1710, KOKH ``Fox 25`` OKC is
    off the air again. And so is its sibling Sinclair station, RF 33,
    KOCB, ``CW 34``. The two have exactly the same coördinates in the NE
    OKC antenna farm: must be due to tower work or some issue there. shows both horizontally:
    NAD83: N 35° 32' 58.2", W 97° 29' 19.1" (35.5495, -97.488639)
    But different vertically, not HAAT, not significant? Feet:
    KOKH: 1585 agl 2717 amsl
    KOCB: 1526 agl 2657 amsl
    IIRC, 1572 feet was the astonishing ``world`s tallest`` height of
    KWTV-9 in the 50s. We are still seeing both Sinclairs on cable in
    Enid, as Optimum gets OKCs via fibre-optic or something, not off-air
    pickup anyway. I see nothing on either station`s website about being
    off the RF air, who cares? As they also live stream:
    ``The stations' studios and transmitter facilities are co-located on
    East Wilshire Boulevard and 78th Street on the city's northeast side.
    Wikipedia``. Next check at 1830 UT, both back on at normal VG level
    (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

    ** U S A. Tropo is up for DTV around here. Besides the usual Tulsans
    on 20, 26, 28, 34, I am getting solid decode from only one Wichita
    station, KAKE ``10`` on RF 10; not often seen here with antenna aimed
    at OKC. From circa 0300 UT Aug 19. shows KAKE is on
    both RF 10 and RF 21 from exactly the same tower, why? More power on
    VHF; I think I have seen it before on 21 but not now. Subchannels
    match r-e info.
    10-1 KAKE-DT ABC
    10-2 MeTV
    10-3 Bounce
    10-4 Defy
    10-5 SCRIPPS news
    After 0400 I stick with SCRIPPS for a MAUI Lost Island special, tho I
    could also get it on 62-5 OKC. Finally at 0456, 10-1 signal breaks up
    and away. But there are still plenty of BAD sigs, including RF 6,
    which on my ch 7+ antenna I always assume is KBSD Dodge City KS,
    without evidence to contrary. Indeed, APRS tropo blob now extends out
    to Ensign area (Glenn Hauser, Enid, OK, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. RF & virtual ch 13, Sat Sept 2 at 2200, KETA of
    the OETA network with `People of the North`, a limited series I have
    been enjoying among many other travelogs on PBS, and here also on the
    Create subchannel. Trouble is, OETA has been scattering it all over
    their schedules, and it`s been hard to catch each of 10 episodes just
    once. Recommended, anyhow. Great scenery and telegenic hosts. Website
    is plugged but it seems complete episodes are not there for streaming,
    just 30-second previews:
    Create channels can be located in most markets via
    I`m not travelling much any more, so really appreciate all those
    armchair shows (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)


    Heard on CBS` 60 MINUTES at 2306 UT Sept 3, strangely enough, not
    delayed by stupid ballgames for up to an hour, but made up for that by
    middle story being about Australian rules football; but the first
    story called CYPRUS, ``A TINY MEDITERRANEAN ISLAND`` -- and even says
    that on website:

    ``60 Minutes - Newsmakers
    Cyprus: Searching for the money of Russian oligarchs
    By Sharyn Alfonsi September 3, 2023 / 7:00 PM {sic} / CBS News

    How do you hide that much money from an international community that
    says it's determined to find it? The question led us to Cyprus - a
    tiny Mediterranean island at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the
    Middle East. As we first reported in January, the once bustling
    vacation spot is in the middle of an international game of hide and

    Per Almanaque Mundial, Area is 9251 sq km. In story also mentions
    population of 1 million --- TINY??? Area of e.g. MONACO is 1.9 sq km
    -- now that`s tiny, but Cyprus is 4869 X the size of Monaco. Come on!


    ``Tiny Portugal`` says Rick Steves on OETA/PBS, Sept 4 at 0236 UT on
    his (C) 2023 hourlong `Art of the Renaissance` which I watched with
    great attention; excellent except for this major gaffe. And most shots
    of him as at present grey-haired, but some blondies without otherwise
    revealing this was a mixture of old and new stuff. 92,082 sq km =
    almost 10 X the size of Cyprus.


    At least the SMALLY TRAP. A few minutes into BBC World News America,
    after 2230 UT Sept 5 via PBS/OETA, Cuba is ``a small island nation``
    --- well, as RHC often reminds us, it`s ``The Greatest of the
    Antilles``, which is certainly true. Yet it`s only about half the area
    of Cuba del Norte, a.k.a. Florida. But small? Hardly​

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  • WG Hauser
    ** OKLAHOMA [and non?]. Large tropo blob to the east of Enid, August 2
    at 0456 UT when I start checking. BAD signals on RF: 7, 9, 11, 14, 16,
    17, 18, 24, 26, 28, 29, 34, 36. Note that 7, 18, 24 and 29 are major
    `local` OKC signals which must be disrupted by DX QRM: extremely
    unusual especially for KOKH 24, probably by KFSM Fort Smith? No, KFSM
    is on both low-power 24 and high-power 18. 16 KOCM is normally on the
    BAD side. 17 is also Enid`s only local: can`t be sure whether it`s off
    or QRMed, but next morning it`s normal. Only decodes around 0500:

    RF 31, KOET 3-1 = OETA Eufaula
    RF 20, KQCW 19-1 for Tulsa
    RF 21, KHBS-DT 40-1 Fort Smith AR from OK site, so explore all subs:
    40-2 ARK-CW, 40-3 MeTV-AR, 40-4 STORY. These match rabbitears listings
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. Another tropo enhancement eastward from Enid, August 11
    at 0525 UT: besides numerous BAD signals on ``open`` channels,
    RF 21, KHBS Fort Smith AR, site in OK! with 40/29 bug in lower right
    corner along with sibling station KHOG-TV ``29`` Fayetteville AR on RF
    15 invisible here;
    RF 28, ION ``44``, KTPX-TV Okmulgee
    RF 20, KQCW ``19`` Muskogee
    (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. RF 34, August 12 at 0334 UT, area tropo is up with storms
    in central OK, not here, boosting this signal into decodability,
    KWRW-LD, which is 15 kW ERP from SE OKC, about a block east of I-35,
    and between SE 21 & 22 Sts., direxional NW which must help, vs several
    other BAD signals. Led by Heartland on 33-1 plus six others matching info. Bug is a red heart in LR corner, enclosing an
    outline of a cowboy hat (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

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  • WG Hauser

    ** OKLAHOMA. Some area DTV tropo enhancement, UT July 20 after 0508:
    RF 21, 40-1 KHBS-DT, Ft Smith AR brief decode and no chance to check
    out its four channels; its site is in OKLAHOMA! RF 17, 10-1 KTENNBC
    Ada; 10-2 KTEN-CW; 10-3 KTEN-ABC; all in solid so Enid local K17JN-D
    must be off. Meanwhile have had BAD signal on 17, which may also have
    been KTEN before it got a boost. Fixed antenna toward OKC also favors
    Ada almost.

    Reminds me of KTEN`s situation long ago in analog era really on 10:
    one signal, but sharing NBC and ABC programming, apparently
    cherry-picking. Networx must have put up with it, as was long a
    2-station market with KXII 12 Ardmore, which also did a share, IIRC,
    CBS and NBC. At least without cable, this area a bit too far from OKC,
    and DFW. In this opening also some of the regular Tulsans (Glenn
    Hauser, Enid, WOR)

    ** U S A. Large tropo blobs have developed N and E with Enid on the
    edges, so DTV bandscan, July 26 from 0455 UT. BAD signals on RF: 36,
    35, 34, 31, 26, 22, 21, 17, 16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9.

    RF8, decoding: KPTS also virtual 8, PBS Kansas from Wichita. Not far
    but I rarely get this on my OKC-directed antenna. And it`s in solid,
    so I explore all its subs: 8-2 Explore, 8-3 Create, 8-4 Kids. I`m
    unfamiliar with Explore, one sub-brand of PBS? Instead of `World` on
    OETA-2. I go to the websked, and see some of the same programming, but
    others never in OK, like `Democracy Now`! KPTS also offers live video
    of 8-1 and 8-4, but requires location info, then denies me as
    ``outside coverage area``! AFAIK, OETA is not geo-restricted for its
    main PBS channel streaming. Could others outside OK in USA and even
    elsewhere try it? Claims ``anytime, anywhere`` but despite the
    separate 100% PBS Kids on OETA-4, OETA-1 is nothing but kidvid all day

    Ironically, I am not in OETA coverage area right now, 13, KETA ``13``
    a bad signal not decoding. Besides local harmonic of KNID 107.1 on
    214.2 right in RF 13 video band which is always a problem, tropo is
    probably knocking it out with DX QRM. There are three full-power 13s
    in KS: KUPK Garden City ``cupcake``, cute satellite of KAKE ``10``, 63
    kW ERP; KFJX Pittsburg, 45.1 kW; and WIBW Topeka, 65.5 kW, all per FCC

    The only other decodes now are from Tulsa market, axually drawn in
    from Muskogee & Okmulgee; 20 KQCW 19-1, and 28 ION 44-1 (Glenn Hauser,
    OK, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. RF17, July 26 in daytime, K17JN-D is definitely back on
    air at usual local translator strength with satellator panoply of 3ABN
    subchannels; Enid`s only local TV signal, embarrassingly for a city of
    50K. For a while we had locally programmed LPTV, KXOK 32, ``TV-OK``,
    gone as of 8 years ago. See my log report of July 21, 2015. At least I
    still have their mug as a souvenir (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

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  • WG Hauser
    ** OKLAHOMA. RF 17, July 14 at 0147 UT, K17JN-D, Enid`s only local TV
    station -- axually a 3ABN satellator, is on with steady signal bar,
    but all 7 channels are black and silent, not just the top of the 3
    audio-only channels, which is always silent. Even with the signal
    bar obvious, screen claims NO SIGNAL. BTW I have never seen any
    other DTV signal with audio-only portions, but why not if you want to
    allocate your resources thus. As with other unpersonned outages, this
    could last for some time until HQ notice and get some contract
    engineer out there to fix it (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. RF 17, July 14 at 1606, K17JN-D Enid is back to normal
    3ABN panoply, video not black, sound not silent. BUT, at 1741 recheck,
    back to dark silence yet signal meter shows it`s transmitting despite
    ``NO SIGNAL`` displayed on screensaver. Must be intermittent, tsk3.
    But later after 1730, 1830, frozen verge frame of video sometimes
    flashes on and signal meter is weak - maybe K17JN-D QRP or really off
    allowing something else to attempt to reach me? Garbled and can`t
    recognize anything (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. RF 31, July 16 at 1515 UT, tropo blob over eastern OK
    brings us KOET ``3`` Eufaula, drop-in OETA relay the only signal
    decoding, and all four channels for a while, unlike HQ KETA 13 ``13``
    inferior VHF, which often has insufficient signal at this fringe of
    its coverage area from OKC. Program is `Doc Martin` as the final
    season Private Messages is finally airing here; we`ll watch the repeat UT Monday at
    0300, having also missed the first run UT Friday at 0200.

    Bandscan now also gets BAD signals on: RF 10, 11, 14, 17, 18, 20, 21,
    22, 28, 34, 36. AND NO signal at all on RF 7 from KOCO ``5`` OKC -- is
    it off? Often insuff into my antenna; by 1620 it`s increased to Bad.
    17 is never solid K17JN-D Enid 3ABN satellator any more: suspect it`s
    underpowered, not needing any DX to ruin it. Note also 18, as KOPX
    ``62`` OKC must be Baddened by DX QRM now, soon recovered (Glenn
    Hauser, Enid, WOR)

    ** U S A. DTV Tropo DX bandscan, July 19 around 0530 UT, too late to
    explore in detail: BAD signals on many `open` channels and some
    `closed` *channels have become BAD due to DX QRM: 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 17,
    20, 21, *23, *29, 31, 32, 34, 35, 36. Whenever there is anything on 6
    into my highband VHF antenna toward OKC, it`s got to be KBSD
    Ensign/Dodge City KS. 17 presumably local K17JN-D Enid still
    underpowered and not decoding, regardless of DX. 7, KOCO OKC for ABC
    often no decode either regardless of DX. Only these in Tulsa market do
    decode: 11 KOED, 22-KOKI, 28-ION. Strangely, no signal from 26-KOTV.

    Also some tropo next morning, 1524 UT July 19: BAD sigs on RF 10, 11,
    26. Bootup time for Zenith STB DTV converter varies: this time it took
    22 seconds for Blue eye to show after turn-on from Red eye; and
    another 6 seconds to kick in as seen on screen (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

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  • WG Hauser
    ** OKLAHOMA. Re: ``Area tropo is up per APRS map, reaching Enid from
    west, south, east. RF 14, June 27 at 1520 UT, brief decode with PSIP ID
    for KOCY as 48-3. That`s Telemundo, unnecessary since is also on a much
    stronger subchannel of RF 29 KTUZ...``

    Correxion, I meant to say it`s Estrella TV, not Telemundo. However,
    this is no longer the case! Punch 48 or 48-3 and you get nowhere. Per, Estrella is only on lowpower KOCY-LD RF14. It`s still
    Tyler Media, but among the 7 programs on RF29 KTUZ ``Shawnee`` are
    Telemundo, Univision, and Unimas, no Estrella. Which means in effect
    we can no longer get it in Enid as it`s not on any tier of Optimum
    cable either. It was clearly an inferior net to UV and TM, with even
    more lowbrow programming.

    Lots of ondemand stuff here, and en vivo just playing one promo over
    and over before supposedly joining programming, like novelas, silly
    game and talk shows:
    HQ in Burbank CA, apparently not a Mexican subsidiary.

    And my Zenith settopbox has resumed flashing on in only about 5
    seconds instead of 5 or 6 times that long (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. RF 28, July 5 at 1735 UT, Enid on edge of some OK tropo
    eastward so a bandscan: surprised on RF 28 remapping to be getting
    ``2-11``, KJRH `2 News at Noon`, decoding for a few minutes. Its prime
    RF has long been on channel 8, not to be confused with original analog
    competitor on 8, KTUL. RF 28 is really KTPX Okmulgee, primarily ION as
    44-1, not unusual to be getting that. Now does show
    02-11 on 28.4 as KJRH-TV, the rest of the 28s being ION and the usual
    assortment of shopping and rerun channels. Searching on callsign KJRH
    still leads only to RF 8 Tulsa; we have to go directly to KTPX to
    explore its other hidden channels topped by 02-11 KJRH. And why such a
    high number -11? on Physical 28 there are .10 lower subchannels, but
    no reason for KJRH on 28.4 to be called 2-11. Its own extensive
    website has nothing labeled as basic tech info such as which
    channel[s] it`s really on and from where! not even under About Us, which is pushing antenna equipment in
    general. Seems that more and more, a single ``station`` appear on more
    than one ``channel`` in same market. CBS for Tulsa, KOTV ``6`` is on
    three different UHF channels (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. July 7 at 1733 UT, tropo up away from Enid toward Tulsa,
    OKC, providing BAD RF DTV signals on: 11, 14, 17, 28, 31, 34, 35, 36.
    17 is notable since a DX signal must be baddenizing Enid`s only local
    TV signal, K17JN-D, no loss since it spews 7 subchannels of
    gospelhuxtering (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

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  • WG Hauser
    ** OKLAHOMA. Area tropo is up per APRS map, reaching Enid from west,
    south, east. RF 14, June 27 at 1520 UT, brief decode with PSIP ID for
    KOCY as 48-3. That`s Telemundo, unnecessary since is also on a much
    stronger subchannel of RF 29 KTUZ. Does not last long enough to
    explore what may be on 48-1, 48-2, 48-4 or beyond, but
    shows it`s alone despite the -3 virtual enumeration. I`ve had traces
    of this before when OKC tropo enhances but not definite until now.
    It`s 15 kW, somewhat direxional northward since site is on south side
    of OKC, near SE 49th and Oklahoma Avenue.

    BAD signals are on RF 10, 11, 20, 21, 22, 26, 31, 35. But there is no
    signal at all on RF 29, normally huge local-level from ``Shawnee``
    with the three Spanish nets and some shoppers. Suspect KTUZ may really
    be off the air. It`s back by 1605 check. Some Tulsans are in, on RF
    28, ION 44-1; and an RF 29 spoiler from there could be 15 kW KTZT-CD,
    Daystar for Tulsa, but unlikely.

    Other Bad signals decoding briefly long enough to ID are RF 34, 33-1
    KWRW-LD OKC, Heartland et al., and RF 36, 36-1 KUOKCD1 [sic] OKC,
    Univision also duplicated on RF 29 KTUZ (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

    Plenty tropo on the APRS map now, so after 1500 UT June 28, a DTV scan
    finds BAD signals on RF: 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 20, 21, 26, 28, 31, 34,
    some of which correlate with Kansas. Unusual is 15 which must be DX
    QRM to OKC`s KOPX baddenizing it: presumably KSNW, 650 kW, ``3``, NBC
    for Wichita. The Zenith STB now takes 20/30 seconds to upboot after
    onturn (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)​

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  • WG Hauser
    ** OKLAHOMA. DTV bandscan of 6 thru 36, June 24 at 1535 UT finds BAD
    signals on RF: 11, 14, 17!, 20, 22, 26, 28, 34. All are normally
    ``open`` except 17, where Enid`s only local signal resides, such as it
    is, K17JN-D with 3ABN channels: either it`s off again or more likely
    degraded by DX QRM from 1000 kW KTEN ``10`` Ada, not far off the aim
    of antenna toward OKC. By 1645, K17JN-D is restored.

    11 is also unusual. FCC TV Query shows there are no lo-power 11s in OK
    or KS, just KTWU Topeka, KSNG Garden City, KOED Tulsa and KSWO Lawton.
    All except KSWO ``7`` have retained their original analog channels.
    Most of the other bad signals correlate with Tulsa market, per; and APRS tropo map shows a connexion between Enid and
    Tulsa, also closest, so assume 11 be KOED, the OETA station. 14 is
    probably the new home of KTUL ``8``, which IIRC recently moved from RF
    10. The only other VHF left in Tulsa is RF 12 of KGEB ``53`` which I
    have seldom if ever? logged; 21.5 kW ERP while KOED has ERP of 47 kW.
    My erstwhile Zenith set-top-box -- axually set-beside-box, DTV
    converter/tuner, is showing signs of ageing, and maybe imminent
    demise, as it`s no longer instant-on from redeye to blueeye, rather
    takes several seconds to boot up. I much rather use it for DXing than
    HD tuners built in to screens, so it`s obvious which real channels I
    am tuning. The HDTV sets are too `smart` for their own good (Glenn
    Hauser, Enid, WOR)

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  • WG Hauser
    ** OKLAHOMA. RF 17, May 18 at 1520 UT, BAD undecodable signal from
    Enid`s only local TV transmitter, K17JN-D with 3ABN network.
    Presumably caused by DX QRM as there is mild tropo around here per
    APRS map. Bandscan finds only two other BAD signals, on `open`
    channels, RF 31 & 34. Soon K17JN recovers (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. Mild tropo enhancement around central OK at 0355 UT May
    24 leads to BAD signals on `open` RF channels: 14, 20, 21, 22, 31 --
    and decoding:

    RF 34, as 33-1 PSIP ID only HRTLND ! No call letters. Also:
    33-2, RTV
    33-4, Action
    33-5, Family
    33-6, Revival

    Heartland logo is a red heart with outline of a cowboy hat inside it.
    Where could that be? Usually with a little tropo I get Tulsa on RF34,

    Not very DX, but it`s low power, never before seen from OKC, about 75
    km away, KWRW-LD. This is confusing since OKC already has full-power
    KOCB on RF33, virtual 34. Found this recent press about it:

    ``Oklahoma City is Getting a New Free Over The Air TV Station - By
    Luke Bouma on April 27, 2023 in All News

    Today Digital Networks, LLC announced that it is launching KWRW-LD
    channel 33 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Now locals will be able to
    watch The Heartland Network, Retro TV, The Family Channel, Rev’n, and
    The Action Channel.

    “Our goal was to always have an owned and operated station not just in
    Tulsa, but Oklahoma City as well,” says Joel Wertman, President of
    Digital Networks, LLC and parent company Get After It Media. “We have
    no doubt our viewership in Oklahoma City will be strong, as we know
    viewers will love our variety of networks and programming.”

    Chief Engineer of Digital Networks, LLC Tim Hurley adds, “It’s
    exciting to see all of the planning come to fruition, as well as to
    know there is a lot more on the horizon this year for launches.”

    Here is a quick breakdown of each channel:

    The Heartland Network presents the broadest variety of true country
    music and lifestyle entertainment. From classic country out of the
    vaults of Music Row to the up-and-coming artists of today, The
    Heartland Network truly is The Heart of Country®. Programming includes
    Music City Tonight, CountryLine TV, Bluegrass Ridge, Country Fix,
    classic movies, and original program The Unseen World. The network
    also carries special event coverage through in-house produced series
    More Than the Music and Heartland Backstage.

    Retro TV is the first and one of the longest-running digital broadcast
    networks in the country, highlighting classic series and movies from
    way back when. Programming includes shows such as Doctor Who, Naked
    City, The Saint, Danger Man, One Step Beyond, and The Ray Bradbury
    Theater, as well as 1980’s pop culture hits 21 Jump Street, starring
    Johnny Depp and the critically acclaimed crime drama Wiseguy with Ken
    Wahl and Jonathan Banks. The network’s original program Dracula’s Kung
    Fu Theatre is a favorite among viewers, with two seasons now under the
    show’s belt. Retro TV is also the exclusive home to the iconic and
    groundbreaking daytime soap opera The Doctors which originally ran on
    NBC from 1963 – 1982.

    Rev’n is a car and motor enthusiast’s dream, with shows designed
    around all things that rev. Whether you have a passion for cars,
    trucks, boats, airplanes, or motorcycles, viewers will find the speed
    they need in series like My Classic Car, Sam’s Garage, The Curator’s
    Vault, Motorhead Garage, Legendary Motorcar, and Flying Through Time,
    this network keeps the motor running.

    The Action Channel is for daredevils and adventure seekers alike with
    extreme racing on Boundless, to strength you can’t even fathom on
    Strongman Champions League, head-to-head battles on OVW Wrestling,
    wild and heart-pounding situations on Operation Repo, the ever-popular
    EFC Premium Fights, and more.

    The Family Channel provides programming for everyone in the family.
    Viewers can relax and meal plan with cooking shows like Positively
    Paula with Paula Deen and Bama-Q or pick out their next family
    vacation destination with travel shows like Chasing Down Madison Brown
    and Road Trip Masters. Get DIY-friendly tips from Ready, Set,
    Renovate, or settle down as a family for educational programming like
    Underwater Safari and Pet Friends, and more! ``

    Info from

    33 34 KWRW-LD OKLAHOMA CITY OK On the air DN
    Channel Physical
    Video Audio Call Sign Network/Pgmming
    33-1 34.2 720p DD2.0 HRTLND Heartland
    33-2 34.4 480i DD2.0 RTV Retro TV
    33-3 34.6 480i DD2.0 REVN Rev'n
    33-4 34.8 480i DD2.0 Action Action Channel
    33-5 34.10 480i DD2.0 Family Family Channel
    33-6 34.12 1080i DD2.0 Revival Revival TV
    33-7 34.14 480i DD2.0 JTV Jewelry TV

    406' 15 kW DA (H) Directional Pattern
    (1 kW + 11.76 dB gain = 15 kW ERP)
    32.8 mile contour / 3380.4 sq. mi. area / Est. Pop. 1,200,887
    367' AGL; 1621' AMSL; (1211048)
    1° Elec Beam Tilt; Full Service Filter
    [H-Pat] Propagation Systems PSILP16AW
    NAD83: N 35° 26' 35.2", W 97° 28' 57.2"
    (35.443111, -97.482556)

    Pattern plot shows direxional NW, null SE, favorable for Enid to NNW.
    Site: From SE OKC on SE 22nd St, just E of I35, between Jordan and
    Missouri Aves.

    I did not copy all the listed subchannels before fadeout by 0410 UT.

    Heartland is in many but not all markets: d
    almost all -LD, -CD, or translator-D stations beyond the top 5

    Not to be confused with -- a different thing with only
    two stations in St Joseph MO and Utica NY? HQ in Georgia per a map.
    With a different angular logo (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)​

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  • WG Hauser
    ** OKLAHOMA. Still a big tropo blob around here on APRS map, May 8 at

    0412, BAD signals on RF: 8, 10, 11, 15, 21, 22, 26, 30, 31, 34, 36. 15

    degraded to bad means DX QRM to KTBO OKC. Only DX decoding are: RF 20

    KQCW-HD 19-1 Tulsa; RF 28, ION 44-1, i.e. KTPX-TV Okmulgee = Tulsa


    At 0431 May 8: RF 36, TBN HD 17-1, i.e. KDOR Bartlesville = Tulsa

    market; RF 26 KOTV 6-1 Tulsa; RF 20 KQCW Muskogee = Tulsa mkt, 19-1

    still with VG signal; and these BADs: 8, 10, 11, 12, probably also


    Circa 1545 UT May 8, again a tropo blob over eastern OK with Enid on

    the edge; but only DX signal is BAD RF 28, no doubt ION 44-1 again

    (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

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  • WG Hauser
    started a topic Tropo TVDX to Enid OK

    Tropo TVDX to Enid OK

    ** U S A. APRS maps show huge tropo blob over the NW half of TX, much
    of OK, and western KS, morning of May 5 but does not dissipate into
    the afternoon as you might expect, so I may have more to report than
    this into my rooftop antenna cut for RF channel 7 up thru UHF,
    permanently aimed SSE toward OKC:

    1731 UT: RF 28 briefly decodes as KFDX-DT 3-1 = Wichita Falls TX; also
    flashing in very briefly: 3-2 KJBO-DT with a court show from MyTV; a
    few minutes later also 3-3 as Laff; 3-4 as ANT with I Dream of Jeannie
    at 1740. about KJBO: yes, it is on 3-2, but also
    originally KJBO-LD on 35-1 & 35-1, unseen.

    BAD signals only into the STB:
    At 1731, 20, 21, 22, 26.
    At 1747, 10, 20, 22.
    At 1855, 10, 11, 21, 22, 26, 34.

    At 1825, RF 20 decodes quickly as KQCW-HD, 19-1: Muskogee OK, CW
    At 1855, RF 31 as 3-1 OETA, i.e. KOET Eufaula, and 20 KQCW again.
    (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. RF 26, May 5 at 1947 UT, BAD signal starts to decode as
    KOTV 6-1 Tulsa, continuing the huge tropo opening as in previous

    UT May 6 at 0249, RF 20 decodes at 42-1 KBZC-LD. That`s a lowpower in
    nearest major market, OKC, but normally invisible here with 7.2 kW
    Also all these mostly infomercial subchannels, but PSIP on every one
    is same KBZC-LD! 42-2, 42-3, 42-4, 42-5, 42-6, 42-7.

    UT May 6 at 0255, RF 36, Univision on 36-1 with PSIP KUOKCD1 -- yes,
    with figure one at the end somehow as I inspect it closely. There are
    NO virtual 36-2 or 36-3, skipping to 36-4 StartTV and 36-5 H&I as in Of course this 7.33 kW ERP channel with Univision is
    superfluous as it`s also on highpower RF 29 from Shawnee along with
    Telemundo and Estrella TV.
    RF 36 is also direxional NNW which must help it a bit thisaway.

    Among many BAD signals May 5 at 1526 UT, I get a decode on RF 20 from
    KQCW 19-1; and on RF 26 from KOTV 6-1 with CBS, Tulsa, in & out (Glenn
    Hauser, Enid, WOR)

    ** U S A. Big tropo TVDX opening continues over central USA, May 5 at
    2350 UT, BAD signals on RF 20, 34, 35. UT Sat May 6 at next check
    0131, BAD:
    10, 11, 14, 20, 21, 22, 28, 30, 34, 35, 36. Some of those no doubt
    Oklahoma, but see OKLAHOMA for identified intrastate DX.

    UT May 6 at 0434 I have Univision on RF 31 but displays virtual 46-1.
    Trouble is, I can`t find any such match in listings altho it`s on 46-1
    in Arizona and Hawaii: I don`t think so. Closest 31 is Wichita market,
    KDCU Derby KS with Univision, but shows its virtual is
    also 31! Allocation map for 31 has no matches in TX or OK. Univision
    website is no help: I can`t even find an affiliate list as they push
    viewing via an APP rather than OTA TV stations!! Nor Wikipedia.
    Finally I check FCC TV Query, and by golly, they do show KDCU RF 31
    with virtual 46. I also inspect the subchannels I get with this and
    they match the rabbitears info for KDCU: Grit, Mystery, Laff, CourtTV.
    Notified webmaster who says I am first to inform him of incorrect
    info. His latest info was virtual 31 for many years. Must have changed
    recently; maybe was originally on RF 46 before repacking. My last
    previous log of KDCU was Sept 5, 2021 on RF 31 and indeed ``31``.

    My STB tuning is further confused by *another* virtual 46 from Norman
    OK`s KOCM which is really on RF 16, gospel huxter starting with
    DayStar. It`s usually a bit too weak here to decode. Somehow KOCM got
    on a prime low cable channel in Enid, 6.

    At 0531 UT, BADs on 8, 9 and 10; then 8 decodes briefly as KPTS,

    Next morning, May 6 from 1525, we still have big tropo blob all the
    way from Monterrey to Des Moines, but I`m not getting any such far DX.
    RF 10, 14, 15, 17, 21, 22, 26, 28, 30, 31, 34, 35, 36, i.e. just about
    every UHF channel not `local` -- and some of those have become BAD due
    to DX QRM: even Enid`s only local K17JN-D; 15 from OKC.

    Later on Saturday after/noon I switch to FM DXing from the caradio, as
    yet not fully researched, so will be in my next report; including some
    ethnic radio from DFW (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. That tropo blob is *still* there over mid-America when I
    next check for TVDX, UT Sun May 7 at 0231: BAD signals on RF 9, 10,
    11, 17, 18, 26: notably, 17 and 18 are bad because of DX against Enid
    and OKC stations. 26 briefly decodes as KOTV 6-1 Tulsa, along with
    KQCW on 6-2, and NewsOn6 on 6-3 - at this time also on KQCW, couldn`t
    tell if identical and synched (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)